Why is oat β-glucan good for you?
Mar 19, 2020

Oat β-glucan-food additive

Oat β-glucan solution has high viscosity characteristics, so it has potential application value in the development of functional food thickeners and gels. Wang Haibo and others took high-purity oat β-glucan as the research object, and investigated the fluid properties and viscoelastic properties of oat β-glucan in different concentrations, different relative molecular weights, and different solution environments using dynamic rheometers. Studies have shown that the larger the molecular weight of oat β-glucan and the higher the concentration of solution, the viscous behavior characteristics of the fluid are reduced and the elastic behavior characteristics are enhanced; increasing the temperature can make both the viscosity and elastic behavior of oat β-glucan fluid It gradually weakens, which provides a theoretical basis for the development and utilization of oat β-glucan in functional food thickeners and gels. powdered oats for babies, a compound stabilizer composed of oat β-glucan extract and CMC, guar, etc., was added to ice cream basic formulas in different proportions, and the viscosity, expansion rate, and resistance to ice cream mixture liquid were studied. Influence of fusion and sensory characteristics. The results show that the addition of oat β-glucan to ice cream can significantly increase the expansion rate and viscosity of ice cream and increase its melting resistance. Therefore, oat β-glucan can be used as a stabilizer in ice cream production. In addition, oat β-glucan has good water-holding and oil-holding properties, and can be added to meat products. The formula of oat β-glucan extract 2.5g, starch 2.5g, and carrageenan 2.0g (based on 250g) is used to make minced pork. The obtained oatmeal minced meat has good sensory quality, juicy and elastic, and has Good flavor. Oat bran contains a large amount of antioxidants, which can be used as natural antioxidants. Adding to the sausage can not only prevent the oxidation and rancidity of sausage oil, but also has health care functions, which meet the requirements of food greenness and health. Oat protein can be used as a flavor aid for producing special lager beer. Agents are used in the brewing industry.Please feel free to contact us or send an email to herbext @

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