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Feb 04, 2021

What foods contain NMN?

NMN can be given safely to mice and is found naturally in a number of foods, including broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, edamame and avocado. The new study shows that when NMN is dissolved in drinking water and given to mice, it appears in the bloodstream in less than three minutes. Importantly, the researchers also found that NMN in the blood is quickly converted to NAD in multiple tissues.

Love broccoli or hate it, you’ll probably be wanting more of it once you read this.

Packed with tons of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant phytonutrients that help you stay fit and trim, broccoli also contains niacin (alias “vitamin B3”), which helps create an enzyme called NMN (for nicotinamide mononucleotide).

Now a study conducted on mice at the Washington University School of Medicine has revealed that the NMN in broccoli helps your body use energy more efficiently, slows age-related weight gain, boosts eyesight, and improves insulin sensitivity. In other words, it staves off many of the negative effects of aging. Even as the NMN-munching study mice got older, their metabolism and energy levels remained comparable with that of younger, friskier rodents.

NMN benefits

Can’t stand broccoli? You can still reap the benefits of NMN by eating other extremely rich sources of niacin. Check out 9 more incredible options to mix into your diet.

foods containing nmn

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Versatile and ultra-lean, 1 turkey breast has 117mg of niacin (B3).

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We know you don’t need another reason to eat chicken; but it never hurts to learn about additional health benefits.:1 cup of chicken breast, chopped or diced, has 19mg of niacin (B3).

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Get a healthy serving of omega-3s—also known to protect your brain health and lower disease-causing inflammation—by eating 3oz of yellowfin tuna (it’s got 18.8mg of niacin) or canned tuna in oil (which has 18mg).

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Nuts are in an ever-lasting health boom. The tiny but mighty peanut has 17.6mg of niacin in 1 cup—more of any other kind.

Pork tenderloin

Linda Xiao

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The protein powerhouse boasts 15.5mg of niacin in one boneless chop.

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Liver might not be a regular in your diet, but the vitamin-rich protein source has 13.2mg of niacin in 100g.

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Sunflower seeds

Toss them into your yogurt, oatmeal, salads, and smoothies; sunflower seeds are a great source of B3 (niacin): 1 cup has 11.7mg.

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Portabella mushrooms are an excellent meat stand-in; 1 cup, sliced, has 7.6mg.

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Everyone’s favorite superfood (or, rather, superfruit) is packed with healthy fats and good amount of vitamin B3: 1 avocado has 3.5mg.

NMN and Resveratrol

6 Foods Naturally High in NMN(foods containing nmn)

Even though a quick search on Amazon will give you many NMN supplement choices, none of these have been studied. Even if these supplements are “pure,” no one knows what effects they may have to your body. As many studies evaluating supplements in humans often produce unintended side effects or toxicities, it is always best to get everything you need from natural food sources.

Fortunately, NMN is found naturally in many foods. Below are the six foods highest in NMN.

1. Broccoli

2. Cabbage

3. Cucumber

4. Edamame

5. Avocado

6. Tomato

In addition to NMN, eating more of these six foods will help your overall health in so many other ways. However, I should point out that if you want to reverse aging with NMN, you will have to eat large amounts of each of these foods. Sadly, the NMN in a few stems of broccoli is hardly enough to even begin to boost NMN levels

How much nmn in broccoli?

NMN Is Contained in Various Natural Foods

Finally, we found that NMN was indeed contained in some daily natural food sources (Table 1). For example, vegetables such as edamame (immature soybeans), broccoli, cucumber, and cabbage contained 0.25–1.88 mg of NMN per 100 g. Fruits such as avocado and tomato also contained 0.26–1.60 mg/100 g.

Raw beef meat and shrimp contained relatively low levels of NMN (0.06–0.42 mg/100 g). Given that human red blood cells contain ∼50 mg of NMN as a total (unpublished data), a physiologically relevant amount of NMN might be absorbed from various daily food sources to our body and help sustain NAD+ biosynthesis and many physiological functions throughout the body.

Food TypeNamemg/100 g-Food
Vegetablecucumber seed0.56

cucumber peel0.65
Meatbeef (raw)0.06–0.42

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