How Much NMN Should I Take?
Feb 04, 2021

How much nmn should i take daily?

Several supplements have been shown to increase NAD levels in the human body, restoring them to a more youthful level. The two most popular are NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) and NR (nicotinamide riboside). The one I have the most personal experience with is NMN, so I’ll be talking about it in this video.

NAD is essential to many bodily functions, and levels are significantly higher when we’re young. Some researchers believe that restoring them to more youthful levels could help reverse or slow down some aspects of the aging process ––– that in fact doing so may be one of the most powerful things we can do to begin reversing aging. It’s not the only important thing, but it’s one I wouldn’t ignore if your interest is in living longer

The Harvard Medical School researcher who’s done the most to educate the public about NMN, Dr. David Sinclair has said that he takes 1 gram of it per day himself (plus resveratrol and trimethylglycine). When we talk about grams, remember that we’re really talking about weight, not volume. In other statements, he’s said he said that he takes about a teaspoon a day. So one gram = one teaspoon of his NMN.


And he’s said that the 250 mg. that most people are taking is probably too low to have much of an effect.

I should be clear that he has not recommended an exact dose at this point (or even recommended that others take NMN, NR or other NAD boosters at all). He’s just shared the information that he’s taking it himself, and said how much may be too little for people who are doing the same.

So how much should the rest of us be taking? Should we follow Dr. Sinclair’s lead, as many do, and try to duplicate his regimen? Or is there a way to tailor the dose more specifically to your own body weight and still get the benefits of NMN (without spending quite so much)?

The answer, according to the authors of a recent research study, is to take a bare minimum of 8 mg of NMN per kg of body weight per day.

From the study: “Given that 100 mg/kg/day of NMN was able to mitigate most age-associated physiological declines in mice, an equivalent surface area dose for humans would be ~8 mg/kg/day, providing hope to translate our findings to humans.”

If the authors are correct, then to find how much NMN you need at the minimum, you would first need to find your weight in kg, then multiply by 8.

If you measure your weight in pounds, convert pounds to kg.

To do this, take your weight in pounds and multiply it x 0.453592.

Then multiply the answer x 8.

In my own case, I weigh 180 pounds. 180 x 0.453592=81.

81 x 8=648.

This means I would need to take 648 mg/day (plus some resveratrol to activate it).

A friend of mine who also takes NMN weighs 120 pounds (about 54 kg). 54 x 8=432. So if this study’s conclusions are accurate, 432 mg/day would be enough for her to achieve the benefits experienced by the lab animals in the study.

To make it easier – if you know your weight in pounds – you could just multiply it by 3.63. This will give you almost exactly the same answer as the more complicated formula above.

Another question is whether the minimum requirement is ideal. One problem being that we may have factors such as our age, gender, or our general health situation, that increase our need for NMN. I’ve found that for myself, taking a bit more than the minimum feels right to. My minimum would be 648 mg per day. Since I’m 67 and am hoping to live several more decades, I’ve rounded it up to a full gram, the amount that both David Sinclair and his father are taking.

How much should you take? It’s up to you. But if you find this particular study convincing, you might to begin your calculations at 8 mg per kg of body weight per day.

nmn and resveratrol before and after

NMN empty stomach


We recommend you take NMN powder on an empty stomach first thing in the morning even if you’re fasting. Don’t mix the sublingual NMN with juice or water, it will reduce the bioavailability. For maximum effectiveness, take it directly under the tongue as directed.

Also to improve your NAD+ levels, you can take the delayed-release NMN capsules with a Sirtuin Activator such as a Resveratrol with a full-fat yogurt which helps the bioavailability of Resveratrol.

nmn dosage sinclair

As an academic, David is unable to give medical advice, and the truth is we don’t know in humans what works or is minimum. David takes 750mg to 1g NMN a day, usually with breakfast, but that doesn’t mean he recommends it. Part 2 of Lifespan references and discusses the merits of specific clinical trial data and how differences between people affect outcomes, and on page 302 onward he discusses good manufacturing practices (GMP) and his regimen, dosage questions.

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