Oct 24, 2019

1.Advantages of  MCT:

Today, I share with you MCT powder. You may not be very interested in listening to the name, but for people who lose weight, he is always active in us as a protein energy bar, low-fat meal replacement, and muscle-enhancing protein powder. Today, mainly from the source of MCT powder, the mechanism of action, the application of comprehensive understanding of the application and efficacy of MCT powder.

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2.MCT oil:

English name: Medium Chain Triglycerides

Chinese name: medium chain triglyceride; caprylic acid triglyceride

State: colorless or light yellow oil at normal temperature, solidified at low temperature.

Source: Medium oil fatty acid (Medium Chain Fatty Acids) derived from vegetable oil and glycerol (Glycerin) derived from the same vegetable oil, esterified, distilled, decolored, deodorized, filtered.

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3.MCT powder:

Name: Caprylic acid triglyceride (MCT) powder, also known as medium chain triglyceride powder.

Main effects:

Compared with long-chain fatty acid triglycerides, MCT is more susceptible to hydrolysis and absorption in the intestine.

Transplanted to the liver via the vein, does not participate in the peripheral circulation, supplies energy quickly and does not accumulate fat.

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4.MCT current application range:

(1). Replenish energy and speed up your body.

(2). The chain fat does not accumulate in the health food, maintain healthy weight and increase metabolism.

(3). Sports drinks speed up metabolism and provide more energy.

(4). Infant and child products promote growth and development.

(5).pet feed supplements energy and improves survival rate.

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