How to buy soy protein powder?
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Soy protein accounts for about 40% of the soybean content, which is 4 to 5 times that of cereals. In addition to methionine, it is comparable in nutritional value to animal protein. After soy protein is isolated and extracted, the amino acid composition and content are much higher than the FAO and WHO recommended amino acid nutrient supply standards (RDA), and the digestion and absorption rate is greatly improved. A good quality protein. Moreover, the soy protein isolate powder removes the trypsin inhibitor, which is the original nutrient inhibitor in soybean, so that there is no discomfort such as indigestion and flatulence.

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Soy protein also has shortcomings, fear of high temperatures, and the smell is a bit strange. It is best not to use boiling water for the consumption temperature of soy protein. The boiling water at 100 °C will destroy the protein structure of soybean and reduce the nutritional value. At the same time, the soy protein and other substances contained in the soy protein make the soy protein have a certain astringency. Soy protein is high in sputum and is not recommended for middle-aged and elderly people.

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In terms of amino acid content, soy protein is the only plant protein currently reported that contains the nine essential amino acids required by the human body and meets the needs of the human body. It is recognized as a full-price protein, and its protein evaluation index PDCAAS (protein digestion) The rate-corrected amino acid fraction is a measure of protein quality. As with casein and egg protein, the maximum value is evaluated. From the amino acid requirement, whether it is for preschool children aged 2 to 5 or for adults. The essential amino acid content of soy protein can meet the daily demand of the human body. However, for infants, the addition of appropriate amounts of threonine, methionine, lysine and tryptophan can effectively increase the protein efficiency ratio (PER) and net protein ratio (NPR).

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