What does beta glucan do when it enters the body?
Dec 03, 2019

β-glucan can be added to food as a hypoglycemic index substance, which can release the glucose in food gently. This allows the insulin worker to work calmly, always stick to his post, and keep the body running normally. It can be said that oat β-glucan is a good helper for the pancreas. How does it help?

Oat Β-Glucan Manufacturers & Prices

Oat beta-glucan has the ability to restore islet beta cells and fight insulin resistance (IR). Two basic characteristics of the onset of diabetes are insulin resistance (IR) and insulin secretion defects. Among them, IR is a pathophysiological state in which the insulin-responsive organ or site is not sensitive to its physiological effects. The IR phenomenon can be seen in most patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity. After this phenomenon occurs, islet β cells are compensated for hyperplasia, their adhesions increase, and their functions are eventually exhausted. The body's ability to handle sugar decreases, and the occurrence or severity of diabetes increases. Oat β-glucan can restore islet β-cell capacity, enhance insulin sensitivity, and improve insulin resistance. At the same time, oat β-glucan can promote the synthesis of liver glycogen and muscle glycogen, which can reduce blood sugar by increasing the content of both, and improve the IR phenomenon. Oat β-glucan enhances glycolysis and inhibits polysaccharide enzymes.

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