difference between green tea powder and matcha powder?
Dec 02, 2019

Green tea powder can be used as a natural food oxidant, because its main ingredient, tea polyphenols, is significantly better than the synthetic antioxidants BHA, BHT, TBHQ, PG, VE, VC, etc. Green tea extract can also be used as an excellent additive for cosmetics and daily chemicals. It has strong antibacterial and enzyme inhibitory effects. Can prevent skin diseases, skin allergies, skin pigmentation, dental caries, plaque, periodontitis and bad breath. Green tea is harvested before the Qingming Festival. This kind of tea has the best quality. The matcha tea abstract was postponed to May in order to extend the growth period of tea and reduce the bitter tea polyphenols in tea.Buy green tea powder, matcha powder | extract, please contact

The raw material of matcha powder is green tea. In Japan, due to years of improvement, green tea has little bitter taste, and steamed green tea has almost no bitter taste. 20 to 30 days before the green tea is picked, set up a scaffold with moso bamboo and iron wire on the green tea, and then cover the straw curtain. The grass curtain is also used to block the sun from the surrounding area. Chlorophyll should be increased by 60%, amino acids by 40%, less bitter and greener.Buy green tea powder, matcha powder | extract, please contact

Green Tea Powder Matcha Powder Price & Manufacturers & Wholesales

The wild tea is taken out from the cold storage before use, and is processed after returning to normal temperature. After several processes such as cutting and screening, it becomes a small piece of 0.3 cm square and becomes ground tea. Milled tea is ground into a fine powder with special ultra-fine powder equipment called matcha. The tea mill is a very strange device. The matcha tea milled with a tea superfine powder machine shows torn thin slices under the microscope, only 2 to 20 microns (600 mesh to 6000 mesh). It can also be crushed by jet mill or ball mill, and the fineness can reach the fineness of stone mill. Moreover, the peculiar temperature of the tea superfine powder machine is the last step of the aroma of matcha. The matcha tea milled by the tea ultrafine powder machine has the flavor of nori and coriander leaves. So far, no country has commissioned matcha tea. Fragrance comes, it's all natural. The powdered green tea pulverized by other methods is called green tea powder, or powdered green tea. Due to the different fineness, aroma and color, its price and use are completely different.

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