Ginger Extract - Gingerol
Jun 10, 2019

Ginger is a kind of medicine and food plant. Its extract is yellow powder and it is widely used.Ginger Extract - Gingerol is excellent in weight loss and fat reduction, and it is dual-use for medicine and food, and it is non-toxic and has no side effects. It is one of many ingredients of medicines and functional foods, such as instant ginger. Tea, ginger-based solid or liquid beverages, ginger-flavored sweet foods, etc., suitable for long-term consumption. Ginger extract, one of our hot-selling items, can be completely dissolved in water, with a strong spicy taste, complete release of flavor, and excellent stability. If ginger extract is added to the raw materials of slimming products, not only can it achieve the effect of losing weight and reducing fat, but also can be used as a natural and healthy weight control health care product.

The use of gingerol - a new ingredient for weight loss

Gingerol is also known as gingerol. Ginger phenol is a fierce fight against free radicals. It can effectively prevent free radicals from damaging the body and causing aging of the body. It stimulates heart and peripheral blood vessels to dilate, accelerates blood circulation, promotes metabolism, diuretic swelling, helps the body perspire and burns fat quickly. Why does gingerol have such a magical effect on weight loss and fat loss?


Because gingerol is a metabolic stimulant, it can help your body produce a lot of calories in a short time, and your body needs to burn calories to produce calories, which is obviously for the body's metabolism and fat storage. Great promotion. Studies have shown that eating foods that produce a lot of calories (such as ginger or ginger products) can speed up metabolism by up to about 5% and fat burning by up to about 16%. In addition, gingerol can also prevent the slowing down of the metabolic rate accompanying weight loss. Under the action of volatile oil and spicy substances, the body accelerates to become warm. In addition to perspiration and diuresis, the toxins in the body are also excreted together. At the same time, gingerol can also promote the gallbladder to secrete more bile and decompose fat more vigorously. Including triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol can be reduced, which increases the metabolic capacity and achieves the goal of slimming and fat reduction.


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