High-end functional toothpaste into a trend
Jun 10, 2019

China's Oral Care Products Industry Association data show that China currently has more than 10 billion toothpastes per year, and has become the world's highest growth rate with a growth rate of 30%. At the same time, Chinese herbal toothpaste is becoming a new market growth point. In addition, the relevant research institutions data show that the size of the Chinese medicine toothpaste market in 2017 is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan. Faced with such a big cake, both foreign brands and local brands have focused on Chinese herbal toothpaste and want to divide a piece of cake. The green tea extract, aloe extract and chamomile extract produced by Undersun Biomedtech Corp are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine toothpaste, and the products are of high quality and low price.


The fast-paced lifestyle has made oral diseases a commonplace for modern people, such as eating habits, stress and environment, and a variety of oral diseases such as dry mouth, odor, swelling, bleeding and ulcers are accompanied by people's lives. The solution to oral problems has also changed from simplification to diversification, and related companies have introduced toothpaste products with more accurate positioning and higher price. The diversification of consumer demand is bound to cause a new round of reshuffle in the toothpaste industry. How to arrange in the fiercely competitive market may be the first question for enterprises.


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