Do you know what almond powder is?
Sep 03, 2019

When I was a child, I went to other people's homes. Others would take almonds to entertain us. At that time, I felt that there was a bitter taste. I didn't like it very much, but I didn't know that almond powder could also be used as a traditional Chinese medicine. The bitter almond extract has the effect of lowering qi and relieving cough and asthma. The effect of laxative, the appearance of trihydrate is rhombic columnar crystal, has anti-tumor effect, is still a very popular medicine in the medical field, then you know what bitter almond extract is? This bitter almond What is the use of extracts?


Bitter almond extract has anti-tumor and immune-enhancing effects, but there are few studies on its prevention and treatment of gastric ulcer. The Department of Physiology of China Pharmaceutical University conducted research in this area, and initially believed that bitter almond extract has a good anti-ulcer effect. Bitter almond extract can inhibit mouse restraint-frozen stress gastric ulcer, so it is often used in medical clinical experiments; promote the healing of rat gastric ulcer by acetic acid burning; reduce the ulcer area of gastric ulcer caused by pyloric ligation; reduce the activity of pepsin. Cyanogenic glycosides are part of the bitter almond and almond pits. There is no scientific evidence that tonsillin is an anticancer drug. A recent study: Glucosides linked to monoclonal antibodies to the tumor release cyanide in tumor cells, showing significant cytotoxicity.

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