What is MCT Powder?
Sep 02, 2019

Medium-Chain Triglyceride(MCT) which is processed from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, is a mixture of saturated triglycerides. The main components are caprylic acid (C8H16O2) and decylic acid (C10H20O2). The ratio of the content to the total fatty acid is not less than 95%. After being hydrolyzed by lipase, MCT can be directly decomposed by the liver and quickly supply energy to the body.Undersun’s MCT powder is after embedding and spray-dried, the agglomeration granulation is combined with the secondary embedding technology, then the oil content is higher, the surface oil is lower, and the product is more stable.


In the food additive industry, medium chain triglycerides can be used as a solvent and carrier for food flavors and pigments; in the processing of baked goods, medium chain triglycerides are often combined with cheap vegetable oils to act as a release agent to prevent baking. Food is sticked to the pot or on the mold; pure medium chain triglycerides or mixed oils with vegetable oil are also commonly used as lubricants and mold release agents for sausage molds; medium chain triglycerides can also be used to treat various fat solubility. Vitamins, pigments and antioxidants, when a small amount of medium-chain triglycerides are added, the viscosity of high-viscosity fatty substances is greatly reduced; in the food processing industry, medium-chain triglycerides are used instead of easily oxidized milk fats. Milk liqueur and cheese imitation; medium chain triglycerides can also be used as a turbidity agent for beverages when used in combination with water-soluble colloids. In addition, medium chain triglycerides can also be used as a lubricant for food processing machinery in place of mineral oil.

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