Curcumin in feed application
Jan 07, 2019

In recent years, curcumin has become a hot research topic at home and abroad, and the research fields involved are becoming more and more extensive. As a Chinese herbal medicine feed additive, it has the characteristics of naturalness, versatility, non-toxic side effects and no drug resistance. It can not only promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, regulate the body's metabolism, improve animal performance, but also have anti-oxidation effect and enhance the body's immune function. . It also has the advantages of wide source, low price, high safety, no toxic side effects, convenient administration, etc. In 2013, the People's Republic of China No. 1773 announced the catalogue of feed ingredients, which classified turmeric as feed ingredients. As an effective new pollution-free, pollution-free green feed additive has a good application prospect. please feel free to contact us or send an email to [email protected]

Mechanism of action:

Curcumin is a strong antioxidant used in various feeds and can play a positive role in the breeding of various poultry and livestock. First, curcumin can inhibit the production of oxygen free radicals and increase the level of glutathione. It enhances the body's immunity; curcumin inhibits viruses, fungi and bacteria, and strongly inhibits Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, and protects against damage to liver cells such as peroxides and carbon tetrachloride. Function, and can promote the secretion of bile; regulate the balance of intestinal flora, promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, improve the health of the body, and achieve the desired anti-disease and growth-promoting effects.


Advantages of curcumin extract:

1: Natural coloring agent, used for coloring livestock and poultry feed, safe and non-toxic.

2: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory; antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, part and all of the feed can replace antibiotics.

3: Antioxidant; antioxidant capacity is much greater than tocopherol (VE) and carotene.

4; promote digestion, promote growth: protect the liver and gallbladder, and promote nutrient absorption.

5: Industrial standardized production, to overcome the differences in composition of turmeric in different producing areas.

6: Microcapsule preparation treatment, the active ingredient is more stable and more favorable for absorption.

Feed-specific curcumin (powder type)

Appearance: Free flowing yellow powder

Curcumin content: 3-3.5%

Moisture: 13%

Fineness: 60 mesh

Health indicators: In line with national standards.

Recommended usage:

Pig feed: 3-6kg/T. Chicken feed: 3-5kg/T. Aquatic feed: 6-10kg/T.


Feed-specific curcumin (paste type)

Appearance: Orange-red viscous paste.

Solubility: Water-dispersible.

Total curcumin content: 10%

Health indicators: In line with national standards.

Recommended usage:

Pig feed: 1-2kg/T. Chicken feed: 1-1.5kg/T. Aquatic feed: 2-4kg/T.

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