Acanthopanax Root Extract Eleutheroside's Nine Pharmacological Effects
Mar 29, 2019


Acanthopanax extract is an active substance extracted from the roots and roots of acanthopanax root and rhizome. The main active components are eleutheroside, B and E. It has replenishing Yang qi and regulating body function.


Pharmacological Function:

1. Anti-cancer effect

  Acanthopanax extract has a certain inhibitory effect on experimental transplant tumor, drug-induced tumor, metastasis of cancer and spontaneous leukemia in mice.

2. The role of cardiovascular system.

  Acanthopanax extract can improve the blood supply of the brain, inhibit platelet aggregation, and can resist arrhythmia.

3. Gonadotropism.

  The sexual precocious puberty and weight gain were induced by acanthopanax.

4. Anti-fatigue.

  Anthocyanin and its extracts have obvious anti-fatigue effect and are stronger than ginseng.

5. "adapt to the original" function.

  It can change the pathological process of the stress response period of the body, prevent the adrenal hyperplasia in the process, decrease the cholesterol content, reduce the thymus gland and reduce the bleeding in the stomach. Acanthopanax extract has the same "adaptive" effect as ginseng.

6. Bacteriostasis

Acanthopanax extract increases the phagocytic percentage and phagocytic index of macrophage phagocytes. The alcohol extract and water extract of acanthopanax have inhibitory effect on candida albicans, and alcohol extracts have certain antibacterial effect on escherichia coli.

7. Increase the body's resistance to harmful factors.

  Acanthopanax extract can reduce the sensitivity of normal skin to ultraviolet radiation, and increase the resistance of capillaries in hypoxia.

8. Effects on the genitourinary system.

  The total glucoside or acanthopanax, obtained by acanthopanax extract and leaves can increase weight, prostate and seminal vesicle weight and RN content. It also increases the egg production of hens and increases total nitrogen and protein in the fallopian tubes.

9. Effects on respiratory system.

  There was a significant cough suppressive effect of oral acanthopanax infusion solution. The acanthopanax root is taken orally, and the effect is obvious.

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