Research: Bitter gourd extract helps lose weight
Mar 25, 2019

    A recent study by Hefei University of Technology and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences shows that ingredients extracted from Momordica charantia seed oil may help the body lose weight. This bitter gourd extract is rich in conjugated linolenic acid (trans-9, cis 11, cis 13-18:3) and conjugated linoleic acid (trans-9, cis 11-18.2), Another animal research data indicates that the extract has an effective anti-obesity effect.


     In this study, researchers used supercritical extraction techniques to present bitter gourd seed oil, which found 43% of conjugated linolenic acid (CLnA) and 13% of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Subsequently, the researchers randomized the rats of the high-fat diet to supplement the 0, 1 gram, 5 gram or 10 gram/kg (buckwheat) bitter melon seed oil ("BMSO") continuously. Add 3 weeks. Studies have found that the addition of the bitter melon extract at a dose of 10 grams per kilogram of body weight in a high-fat diet can significantly reduce the body weight of the group of animals compared to animals that receive only a high-fat diet. However, the amount of additive in bitter gourd extract is closely related to the degree of obesity reduction, and the supplement below the standard dose does not produce any effect. At the same time, the weight of the liver remains the same. In addition, bitter gourd extract is also used in dietary supplements that are beneficial for blood sugar management.


   The researchers believe that the weight loss effect of bitter gourd extract is mainly due to the bitter melon extract enhances the metabolism of lipid compounds in animals, and leptin plays an important role in the whole process of regulation. This study explored in detail the weight loss of bitter gourd extract and promoted the rational use of herbs in addressing the growing health problems of obesity.


    The researchers also believe that a high-fat diet will significantly reduce the level of free fatty acids ("FFA"), which will hinder the breakdown of body fat, and high-dose supplementation of BMSO will alleviate this problem. Furthermore, since the concentration of serum FFA, which is the product of triglyceride hydrolysis, is determined by lipid metabolism and oxidation rate, an increase in serum FFA means an increase in lipid metabolic rate. Coupled with the constant energy loss, it can be inferred that the energy consumption may adjust the repair effect of BMSO on the energy imbalance caused by obesity.

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