What is spinach powder?
Nov 30, 2020

What is Spinach Powder?

Spinach Powder is created by grinding dried spinach leaves. It is a fine, dull green powder and has a mild spinach flavor. Spinach Powder is wonderful for adding color and flavor to fresh pasta, noodle and bread dough. Also, can be used in yeast breads, quick breads or muffins.

Spinach powder is quite an astounding option in contrast to crude spinach since it is basically thought spinach. In the event that you pick natural spinach powder, at that point the powder will be unadulterated spinach without any additives or synthetic compounds to cheapen advantages of the spinach powder.

To get the most sustenance from spinach powder, you will need to pick an item that has been freeze dried instead of dried out with warmth and afterward ground into powder. The purpose behind this is that, similarly as with most leafy foods, when you cook spinach, it loses a portion of its dietary benefit.

While there are claims that youthful spinach makes a more dietary spinach powder than totally mature plants, there is no logical proof to help this case. By and large, when an organization makes this kind of guarantee they generally are attempting to sell their spinach powder for more than their rivals.

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What is spinach powder good for?

Eye Health: One of the foremost health benefits of spinach is it’s beta-carotene content. These carotenoids act as antioxidants, cleansing the body of harmful molecules called free radicals. Beta-carotenes (the kind of carotenoids found in spinach) have the added effect of improving eye health for better vision and less eye degradation due to age. Luckily, these beta-carotenes are maintained when spinach is turned into powder.

Iron: Spinach is probably most famous as a great source of iron. Just 100 grams of spinach contains about 2.7 milligrams of iron which is concentrated in powder form. Years ago, there was a myth that spinach contained far more iron, leading to spinach’s star role as Popeye’s food of choice. Now we know that it won’t make you grow massive biceps, but Popeye was onto something. Proper iron content in the body has numerous benefits such as more energy, athletic performance and better immune health.

Digestion: Because spinach powder is high in fiber, it'll aid your body in digesting and expelling waste. Besides making your day a lot more comfortable (i.e. less constipation), this improved digestion can also help with weight loss and blood pressure.

What is spinach powder used for?

  1. Spinach powder can replace a portion of your flour used in breads and other baked goods. I suggest replacing up to ½ cup of flour with spinach powder in your favorite recipes. It will taste great and add nutrition to your recipes.

  2. If you have picky eaters at home, you can use spinach powder to sneak some greens into their diet. My favorite is mixing this in mashed potatoes to make green mashed potatoes.

  3. Make a green smoothie. Mix berries of your choice, yogurt, orange juice and spinach powder together for a delicious, fruity taste.

  4. Add this to your homemade soup recipes and casseroles. It will add extra flavor, a little extra color and lots of extra nutrition.

  5. Spinach powder is a natural food dye. If you need to add green color to your food, just mix in spinach powder!

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Spinach Powder vs Fresh Spinach

There’s actually no point in comparing spinach powder vs fresh spinach because they both contain the same nutrients.It’s just that you get higher amounts of nutrients from spinach powder because it’s more concentrated.

You’re much less likely to eat as much fresh spinach as you need to get the nutrient benefits. Where as, it’s so much easier to consume a concentrated powder.Therefore spinach powder wins this competition.

Spinach Powder Benefits for Skin

Incorporating spinach into your skincare routine and diet is helpful for your skin, hair, and bone health because it helps reduce inflammation (including breakouts) and provides you with vital nutrients. Spinach contains vitamins—namely vitamins A, C, and K—which work together to help your skin enhance its radiance, heal from scars or sun damage, and fortify its natural barrier.

Vitamin A helps your skin appear younger, healthier, and more hydrated. Antioxidant vitamin C brightens the appearance of your skin and wards off uneven complexions and hyperpigmentation, a skin condition in which patches of one’s skin are darker than others. At the same time, vitamin K works to heal scars and dark spots.

Spinach Powder Nutrition Facts

Spinach powder dislayed excellent quantities of protein 31.15 % and crude fiber 24.26% along with a DPPH scaving activity 48.58% and a total phenol content of 11.63 mg/g dry weight (Fernández-Segovia et al., 2018). The obtaanied results also showed that potassium, calcium and magnesium were the most abundant elements in spinach powder, while the other elements, in descending order by quantity were (Fe, Zn, Mn, and Cu). The values for spinach powder were (calcium 2988 mg/100 g, potassium 3334 mg/100 g, magnesium 1428 mg/100 g, iron 26.69 mg/100 g, zinc 3.23 mg/100 g, copper 0.718 mg/100 g, and manganese 4.8 mg/100 g), which gave a good value to the spinach powder. Increasing the supplementation of spinach powder from 0.5 to 2% has demonstated excellent improvement in protein, fiber, DPPH scaving activity, total phenol and mineral content in UF-cheese when compared to control samples (Ankita, 2015).

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