What is dextrin? What is it used for?
Aug 15, 2019

Dextrin is a technical term used to measure the cooking process of raw materials. When starch is decomposed and hydrolyzed by heating, acid or amylase, the starch of the macromolecule is first converted into an intermediate substance of a small molecule. At this time, the intermediate small molecule substance is called dextrin.

Food Industry:

1. Confectionery adds a proper amount of maltodextrin to the candy making, which can prevent the candy from "returning sand" and "smelting" to enhance the elasticity and toughness of the candy, change the flavor, improve the taste, prevent deliquescence, eliminate the sticking phenomenon, and reduce the dental disease. Extend the shelf life of the candy.

2. Baby foods are used in baby foods such as milk powder to reduce the loss of nutrition, improve the taste, meet the actual needs of children, and promote the healthy growth of children.

3. Frozen foods can enhance the viscosity of ice cream, make the product bulky and delicate, and improve the emulsification effect; adding maltodextrin to the production of popsicles and ice fruit can resist crystallization, increase freezing temperature, enhance flavor and improve taste.

4. Solid beverages, seasonings, and flavors are used as binders and fillers for foods such as instant cereals, milk powder, and chicken essence to improve the solubility of the product, improve the taste and flavor, and prevent product deliquescence.

5. Biscuit and West Point replace maltose with malt dextrin. It can be used in low moisture (10% or less) products such as cakes and shortbreads to control the viscosity of the dough and form a better mouthfeel to avoid drying and embrittlement. . It can be used in products with more than 10% moisture content such as soft biscuits and cakes to increase the viscosity of the dough, help shape, control sweetness and avoid anti-sugar. At the same time, the product achieves good color and good water retention.

6. Liquid beverage liquid beverages use maltodextrin as a raw material to increase the consistency of the product, stabilize the structure of the product, and improve the taste and flavor.

Daily chemical:

1. As a covering agent and adsorbent in powder cosmetics, it has a good effect on enhancing the skin's luster and elasticity and protecting the skin;

2. It can replace part of CMC in the production of toothpaste. As a thickener and stabilizer, it can improve the structure of toothpaste;

3. As a filler in the production of various chemical solvents, it can improve the stability of the product and prolong the shelf life of the product.

Pharmaceutical industry:

It can be used as a thickener and stabilizer for medicinal sugars;

It can be used as an excipient and a filler for tablets or granules.

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