what are the side effects of turmeric?
Aug 14, 2019

Main features and advantages:

 is a type of power Organic Turmeric is a powder, part of the ginger family, which has been used as a culinary and important herb for centuries. It can also be used in all cooking as desired.

About turmeric:

1. Lowering blood fat: It has a more significant effect on lowering plasma triglycerides, which can lower plasma triglycerides below normal levels.

2. Anti-tumor effect: The ethanol extract of turmeric can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Its active ingredient is mainly curcumin.

3. Anti-inflammatory effect

4. Anti-pathogenic microorganisms

5. Effects on the cardiovascular system

6. The role of choleretic: turmeric extract, curcumin, volatile oil, ginger flavonoids, and zingiberene, borneol and sesquiterpene are beneficial to the bile, which can increase the production and secretion of bile and promote the contraction of the gallbladder. The role of curcumin is the strongest.

8. Antioxidant effect: How to eat: Can be added to salads, desserts, curries, seafood dishes (turmeric glazed wild squid), soup, smoothies or add to your liking. It can also be used on the skin, such as mixing it with honey as a mask, or for rashes and skin irritation.

Product advantages:

EU organic certification, Canadian organic certification

USDA organic certification, fully vegetarian, gluten-free

Jewish certification, non-GMO


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