Western planting exhibition my company is full of rewards
Nov 15, 2018

  The Las Vegas American West Planting Exhibition was fully loaded with our company. From October 8th to 9th, 2018, the elite team of the International Trade Department of the United States in the western United States held in Las Vegas, USA. After a few days of intense preparations and exhibitors, our company has achieved fruitful results! Recently, the elites of our company's international trade department returned triumphantly and returned home! The company leaders gave them a dusty reception and held a welcome dinner. The elites gave the company leaders an exciting report.

   The owner of the Australian ** food company experimented with the water-soluble curcumin developed by our company at the exhibition. During the experiment, we watched the manufacturers from all over the world. Everyone appreciated that the water solubility can reach 99%. The Australian boss’s face is very Satisfied, after consultation, free samples for your company to do the experiment, left the phone and email at the exhibition, although there is no contract signed on the spot, this is a further breakthrough for our sales staff, at least 99% of our company The successful introduction of water-soluble curcumin has also shown that our research and development direction is in line with the needs of the international market.

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