Undersun Supply Spirulina Powder Food Gradee
Jul 05, 2019

Spirulina gradually enters people's lives. Its nutritional value is very high, and its functions and effects are also many. It has anti-fatigue, anti-hypoxia, anti-cancer effects, etc., so people are constantly eating spirals. Algae. But do you know how to choose spirulina? Today, Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction!

Look at the mark: Spirulina has four levels: feed grade, food grade, health care grade, pharmaceutical grade. Regular manufacturers of health food should have the batch number of the Ministry of Health;

Look at the color: 100% pure spirulina, pure powder, tablets, capsules, algae powder is dark green (not only look at the surface, but also open the color of the cross section) with yellow. Green spirulina is either counterfeit or counterfeit, or is doped with other substances. Because spirulina is very dry and easy to absorb moisture, it will gradually turn green after moisture absorption, and it is easy to spoil and spoil. Eating this spirulina is not only unhealthy but harmful;

Water-soluble observation method: Dissolve spirulina powder and tablets in a glass containing pure water, and observe the water color. If it is high quality, the water should be green and gradually turn blue after half an hour;

Look at packaging: Some of the nutrients in spirulina need to be stored separately from the air, such as phycocyanin and carotene. These nutrients lose 50% in 15 minutes under sunlight. Therefore, in order to avoid direct contact with light and air, and to ensure that nutrients are not lost, international large-scale spirulina production enterprises generally use small bags of aluminum foil packaging.

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