Explain where the future application of the turmeric market is?
Jul 05, 2019

Turmeric and curcumin products have now become the mainstream trend in the market, and the market for related dietary supplements and food/beverage products continues to grow. According to SPINS market data, as of the 52nd week of March 24, 2019, the United States launched a 13% increase in products containing turmeric-based functional ingredients. Turmeric is still the market leader in natural health channels, and the specialty foods and multi-channel markets have also increased significantly. The annual growth of each channel is about 20%. According to SPINS market data, sales of functional foods and beverages containing turmeric have also increased by double digits, driven by immune healthy ready-to-eat beverages.


With the growth of the turmeric market, major brands are also stepping up the market's layout, launching more and more diversified products, far beyond the scope of standard capsule supplements to meet the different levels of consumer demand, the following is on the market Introduced some innovative turmeric/curcumin products.

Turmeric yogurt is popular in the UK market

British consumers are no strangers to turmeric yoghurt. The British family dairy and retail brand Tims dairy launched TheLondon Collection in 2019, featuring “exotic and spice blends from around the world”. One of the products is a Greek-style yogurt that is free of lactose, mango & turmeric. The collection also features rhubarb/rose and chocolate orange jam flavors. In October 2018, Tims dairy teamed up with food blogger and well-known social media influencer Mandy Miller Simmonds to use its Greek yoghurt as a basic ingredient in curry to further strengthen the link between dairy ingredients and innovative formulations.

RTD beverage becomes the new choice of turmeric

Turmeric has penetrated into the growing market for ready-to-drink beverages. In August 2018, Zyn whole Wellness introduced an RTD mango lychee juice containing 200 mg of curcumin. The product also contains piperine to increase the bioavailability of curcumin. The Consumer Product Innovation Project survey rated the product as "2019 Product of the Year (Healthy Beverages)", and more than 40,000 American consumers voted on the product.

Turmeric enters the "inner beauty" market

The Spanish oral market ushered in a new contender in April 2019, as Spanish raw material supplier Lipofoods SLU and Italian Sphera ation S.R.L. cooperated to develop a new edible curcumin supplement. This supplement is Curcushine, a water-soluble product with a neutral taste and high bioavailability. Curcushine microcapsules have anti-aging effects and are suitable for a variety of nutrients. In addition, Lipofoods launched a new chewing gum product containing Curcushine at the Vitafoods show in 2019.

Turmeric products are gradually diversified

Turmeric/curcumin products are growing and diversifying. Innova Market Insights market data shows that between 2014 and 2018, the global market for turmeric-containing foods and beverages grew at an annual rate of 11%. Although most of the turmeric products launched are in the category of seasonings or ready-to-eat foods, statistics show that the number of snacks, hot drinks and turmeric products for the sports population has increased significantly.


As turmeric becomes more popular, there will be more new product formulations. The next major opportunity for turmeric products is likely to appear in the nutritional beauty products, RTD beverages and immune boost markets, and brands can use the increasingly popular brain positioning and effective formulas of turmeric to develop the market.

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