The most promising plant protein in 2019
Jul 12, 2019

The rapid growth of the vegetarian market is mainly attributable to the increasing demand from consumers around the world for sustainable and healthy products. According to reports, in the United States, the vegetable milk market continues to grow, currently accounting for 15% of the US dairy market share, and is expected to grow at a double-digit rate in the next few years. Based on the high nutritional properties and hypoallergenic nature of plant proteins, as well as the wide range of applications (beverages, snacks, nutrition bars, etc.), more and more plant extracts manufacturers list them as an important part of their development strategy.


In May of this year, US food technology startup JUST (formerly known as Hampton Creek) launched vegetarian mung bean eggs in North America and Europe, followed by mung bean vegetarian eggs in China, and through e-commerce, retail and catering services platforms. Multiple channels for consumers. This mung bean protein-based product has been innovated to produce and taste like ordinary eggs while producing a lower environmental impact.


Also in May, plant protein ingredient supplier Parabel USA announced that the company's new lentils, a new plant milk, was successfully applied, adding new members to its rapidly growing patent portfolio worldwide. It is understood that the color of this lentil milk is the same as that of ordinary milk, and it contains high quality protein and minerals without allergens. In addition, the company claims that lentils have good foaming properties.


In the future, healthy and more sustainable plant-based alternatives will replace more and more conventional foods. Of course, to impress consumers, it is necessary to fully understand the interactions between the ingredients in food and beverage products in order to be in texture, A balance is struck between taste, nutrition, functionality and cost.

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