pomegranate extract new formula for sports performance
Jul 12, 2019

Two recently published clinical studies have shown that Pomegranate peel extract and olive oil supplements may be beneficial for cardiovascular health and physical performance. The raw materials used are the exclusive products Pomanox and Meditanox developed by the company.

Mediteanox and Pomanox have different dosage forms and solubility, which are obtained using safely produced purified water technology (pure hydration process), so there are no air pollutants and organic solvent residues or toxins. In general, the extract can be used in product formulations such as nutritional dietary supplements, functional foods, skin care products and preparations.

Researchers say that Meditaneanx and Pomanox supplements can support blood flow by improving endothelial function, blood pressure, and circulating oxLDL levels, especially in patients with abnormally fluctuating conditions.

Another study by the Department of Exercise Physiology at the Catholic University of San Antonio, Muscia, Spain, suggests that supplementation with Pomanox products may be associated with improved athletic performance and recovery. This randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover trial investigated whether pomegranate extracts improved the best performance of trained amateur cyclists after fatigue endurance tests, and a total of 26 athletes completed the test.

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