The application of curcumin in the daily chemical industry
May 30, 2018

  Some of curcumin from zingiberaceae, araceae plant extract of the roots of a kind of chemical composition, among them, turmeric contains about 3% ~ 6%, and the plant kingdom rare pigment with diketone, into two ketone compounds. Curcumin is orange crystalline powder, taste slightly bitter. Insoluble in water. It is mainly used in food production, such as sausage products, canned goods, sauces and other products. According to medical research, curcumin has the effect of lowering blood lipid, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, cholinergic and antioxidation. Next, let us know about the application of curcumin in the daily chemical industry.


1. Apply to skin whitening. Plant polyphenols has a good whitening and freckle effect. Its active ingredients contain a lot of polyphenols, and the whitening effect of plant polyphenols is a comprehensive effect. It is related to antioxidation, scavenging free radicals, absorption of ultraviolet rays, and inhibiting tyrosinase.

Curcumin is a polyphenol structure, whose whitening effect is the same as that of plant polyphenol whitening, but its strong antioxidant capacity, the ability to capture free radicals is the main basis for its whitening effect.


2. Apply to anti-wrinkle products. For example, shiseido identified the mechanism of facial wrinkles caused by ultraviolet light, and used curcumin to develop the drug "turmeric essence" that successfully inhibiting wrinkles.

"Turmeric extract" is the primary components of curcumin, the Thai government using nanotechnology to develop pharmaceutical institutions made anti-aging mask, turmeric can with antioxidant and antibacterial and anti inflammatory, skin care effect is very good, can protect the skin.


3. Apply to anti-dandruff anti-pruritic products. The effect of the treatment of tinea was found to be effective in the treatment of tinea, and the effect of anti-fungal and hair growth was double.


4. Apply to anti - inflammatory and acne products. Turmeric is a traditional medicine used in India to heal wounds and remove scars. The preparation of "ruyi golden powder" with turmeric was effective in treating bedsore.


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