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May 30, 2018

In general the main components in garlic extract: diene propyl disulfide (CH2 = CHCH2) 2 s3, is highly stable organic sulfur, room temperature (20 ℃) after 20 hours was almost completely decomposed, thermal decomposition and faster. Garlic extract is very unstable and very difficult to preserve. So why is garlic extract more and more marketized? Let's study together!

Brief introduction of garlic and garlic extract.

Garlic has been known as "natural antibiotics" since ancient times. Garlic has been used as a traditional medicine by many countries for thousands of years. In the Egyptian medical literature, 22 garlic treatments were used to treat headaches, throat discomfort and physical weakness. Garlic has been used to treat hypertension in China and Japan for hundreds of years. Garlic has always been known for its excellent bactericidal action. Garlic extract from the United States has been ranked the first in health care drugs such as ginseng and gingko. It was first mentioned in Chinese history in 510. Pasteur began to study its antibacterial effect in 1858.

The main component of garlic extract.

1. Sulfur compounds alliin and cyoloalliin.

2. Volatile oil of garlic.

3. allicin

What are the effects of garlic extract?

1. Prevent atherosclerosis and protect the heart from invasion.

2. It has the function of purifying, detoxifying and activating blood circulation.

3. Typical antimicrobial and bactericidal properties can be used to treat athlete's foot (tinea and dermatophytosis). It has immune function to irritant substances, and has certain therapeutic effects on asthma, cold, diabetes and vaginal infection.

4. Antiviral effect.

5. Lowering blood lipid, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar and anti-platelet agglutination.

6. Improve the activity of fibrinolytic enzyme and inhibit and kill tumor cells.

7. It can reduce the coronary atherosclerotic plaque and can resist blood tethering.

8. garlic extract can effectively stimulate the animals produce aroma formation of amino acids, increase the aroma components of meat and eggs C3H5S (O) gene, we eat the freshness of meat and eggs.

Conclusionthe garlic extract both from the composition and efficacy, is of great benefit to the human body, the current market also appeared a lot about garlic extract of health care products, garlic extract is more and more popular with the masses.

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