Spirulina Extract Health Colorant
Jun 21, 2019

When it comes to spirulina, everyone's first reaction is often health care products. Because spirulina is rich in protein and multivitamins, it has been included in China's new resource foods and is often used to make health foods. Spirulina is not only a health supplement, but is widely used as a colorant in food additives in the food industry.

According to the US Federal Gazette, on July 3, the US Food and Drug Administration issued a notice to amend the Food Coloring Agent Regulation to approve spirulina extract as a cooked shell egg colorant. The US FDA has evaluated that spirulina extract is safe as a coloring agent for cooked shell eggs and can be added according to production requirements. The new regulations will come into effect on August 3. In 2015, the FDA approved spirulina extract as a coloring agent for dietary supplements, pharmaceutical tablets and capsules.

In China, spirulina extract (algal blue) is also an important colorant. It has been approved for use in frozen drinks, confectionery, spices, fruit and vegetable juices, flavored drinks and jellies.

Natural pigments in China's GB2014 standard, because of cost and technical reasons, food and beverage companies have long used synthetic pigments for production, and with the upgrading of consumer concepts and the industrial upgrading of the food industry, healthy, green natural colorants began to show their talents. . At present, China's GB2014 has allowed the use of a variety of natural pigments.

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