Grape seed extract manufacturer
Jun 21, 2019

Grape seed extract is mainly a mixture of polyphenols extracted from grape seeds (grape seeds). The most active one is oligomeric proanthocyanidin, a new type of highly effective natural antioxidant that cannot be synthesized in human body.

What is the role of grape seed extract, Ziyi grape seed nutrition consultant for you to answer.

Grape seed extract delays the effects of aging. Unlike most antioxidants, it crosses the blood-brain barrier and protects blood vessels and brains from free radicals that increase with age. The antioxidant action of grape seed extract protects the structure from damage by free radicals and thus delays aging.

The role of grape seed extract in beauty and skin care. Grape seed has the reputation of “skin vitamin” and “oral cosmetics”, which can protect collagen, improve skin elasticity and luster, whiten, moisturize and remove freckles; reduce wrinkles, keep skin soft and smooth; remove acne and heal scars.

Anti-allergic effect of grape seed extract. In-depth cells fundamentally inhibit the release of the sensitizing factor "histamine", improve the tolerance of cells to allergens; remove allergenic free radicals, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic; effectively regulate the body's immunity, and thoroughly improve allergies.

The anti-radiation effect of grape seed extract. Effectively prevent and mitigate the damage of ultraviolet radiation to the skin, inhibit the lipid peroxidation caused by free radicals; reduce the damage caused by radiation from computers, mobile phones, televisions, etc. to the skin and internal organs.

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