Soybean isoflavones
May 30, 2018

 Isoflavones are a kind of bioflavonoids and are mainly found in legumes such as soybean lentils. The highest content of soybeans is called isoflavones. The content of isoflavones in soybean is 0.1%-0.5%, mainly distributed in the cotyledons and hypocotyls of soybean seeds, and the content in the seed coat is extremely small. Because the content is very low (1000 kg of soybean can produce 1 kg of soy isoflavones), and the activity is extremely high, also known as soybean gold. Soybean isoflavones can regulate and balance the level of estrogen in the human body in both directions, and have a significant positive effect on endocrine abnormalities, irregular menstruation, and premature ovarian failure.


Soy Isoflavones -Three major mechanisms of action

Anti-oxidize effect

 Soy isoflavones are good antioxidants that can prevent the production of free radicals and enhance the antioxidant defense system, thus helping the body to resist the compounds that will accelerate the aging of the body and also increase the activity of the body's antioxidant enzyme system.

Estrogenic effects

 The molecular structure of soy isoflavones is very similar to that of human estrogen. When the secretion of human estrogen is insufficient, it can be supplemented in time. When the secretion of human estrogen is excessive, it can occupy the space of estrogen receptor and prevent the estrogen from continuing. increase. This is a bidirectional regulation of soy isoflavones.

Anticancer effect

 The genistein in soybean isoflavones blocks the formation of new blood vessels, making it impossible for malignant tumors to obtain the nutrients they need for growth from the bloodstream and end up starving.


Soy Isoflavones - Female estrogen supplements

Sexual health is closely related to estrogen in the body, and soy isoflavones are good estrogen supplements. For women, soy isoflavones delay the aging of women and improve women's menopausal symptoms such as osteoporosis. , anxiety, irritability, etc.

Soy isoflavones are structurally similar to mammalian estrogens and have estrogenic activity and are therefore called phytoestrogens and are considered natural replacements for estrogens. Its uniqueness is that it has two features of estrogen bidirectional regulation and mild effects, so that the body's estrogen is always at the most appropriate level, the body to achieve the best state.

It not only has the function of estrogen, but also does not exist the harmfulness of estrogen drugs. It has the characteristics of natural, convenient, safe and effective. It has become a new type of best-selling food in developed countries and is known as “the magical female charm factor. ".

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