matcha powder vs green tea high quality
Mar 25, 2020

1. Is matcha powder and green tea powder the same thing?

matcha powder and green tea powder are fine tea powders processed from green tea, they have the same characteristics of green tea: color, aroma, flavor and nutritional value, but they are not the same thing.

2. Different production processes

The manufacturing process of matcha tea: from picking the tea to killing-drying-milling tea-grinding-screening, and finally making powder, the manufacturing process of matcha powder is very delicate and complicated;

The green tea powder is mostly processed by steaming green sencha and fried green tea, using direct pulverization method;

matcha powder vs green tea high quality

3. Different raw materials

*organic matcha powder is low in tea polyphenols and caffeine. It has requirements on the picking time and leaf size of fresh tea leaves; its production time is short (about 50 days), and it is 4 or 5 per year. The quality of matcha powder made from high-quality fresh tea leaves is the best;

*Green tea powder is processed from ordinary tea leaves with various qualities, and tea trees are mostly hybrid trees;

4. Different flavors

*Matcha powder is uniquely fragrant or seaweed after shading, and has a fragrant and elegant scent;

*Green tea powder has a bitter and astringent taste, and its flavor is mixed and inadequate. It does not have the freshness of matcha and the unique flavor of seaweed or seaweed after shading;

matcha powder

5.So how to choose matcha powder in daily baking?

*Check its color: green tea powder is darker than matcha pink, and the general color is too emerald green, which is likely to be pigmented matcha powder;

*Smell it: Green tea powder doesn't say much about green tea flavor. Everyone knows the taste of matcha powder with a hint of seaweed taste;

6.where to buy organic matcha powder in us?

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