How to use chlorella powder?
Jan 13, 2021

How to use organic chlorella powder?

Chlorella is not a drug, and it is not included in the pharmacopoeia of Western medicine. However, there is an abundance of scientific articles and publications that describe chlorella’s effects. Pharmaceutical labs are even working to extract the active components of chlorella to enrich their own medicine.

80% of new consumers of chlorella notice its positive effects within a month, so there is no doubt that chlorella can be beneficial to your health.

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Chlorella Nutrition Facts

As you’re about to see, chlorella is one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods in the world.

Three tablets of chlorella contain about: 

  1. 10 calories

  2. 2 grams protein

  3. 0 grams fat

  4. 1 gram carbohydrate

  5. 0 milligrams sodium

  6. 78 milligrams vitamin C (87 percent DV)

  7. 3000 international units vitamin A (60 percent DV)

  8. 6.3 milligrams iron (35 percent DV)

In addition, chlorella nutrition contains a good amount of vitamin K, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and phosphorus.

When you look at its nutrient density score, it’s easy to see why chlorella is ranked one of the top 10 health foods in the world. In fact, it is more nutrient dense per gram than other greens, including kale, spinach and broccoli!

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Recommended dosage for adults

Consumer experiences have shown that a daily dose of 2-5 grams of chlorella (or 10-15 300 mg chlorella tablets) has significant positive effects on quality of life. Doctors and nutritionists also suggest taking 3-5 grams or 10-15 tablets every day to prevent health complications and illnesses.

Recommended dosage for children

Powdered chlorella (or crushed chlorella tablets) can be given to children. Doses should be adjusted to the weight of the child in proportion to the recommendations for adults. For example, a child weighing 20 kg should take around 1 gram of chlorella or 3 crushed chlorella tablets.

When to take chlorella ?

Take chlorella at least one hour before or after taking any other medications (such as birth control pills). Ideally, take chlorella in the morning and other pills at night.

If it is more convenient, chlorella can be taken in two or three doses throughout the day rather than all at once.

Take chlorella before meals and with a large glass of water.

Because chlorella is rich in bioabsorpable iron, do not drink tea with chlorella. Tea can inhibit the absorption of iron.

In addition to taking chlorella tablets, using chlorella powder in cooking is very important, particularly when eating fish, which invariably contains a variety of toxins. Add 1-3 teaspoons of chlorella powder at a low temperature (60 degrees Celsius or below) or at the end of cooking in order to preserve its vitamins.

Chlorella Before Bed

Furthermore, the tryptophan found in chlorella is a sleep-enhancing amino acid used by the brain to produce neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin that help you relax and go to sleep. While young people have the highest melatonin levels, production of this hormone wanes as we age.

Chlorella Dangers(Side effects of chlorella)

Possible intestinal disruption during the first days of use

Chlorella can stimulate intestinal activity immediately. Therefore, slight disturbances in intestinal behavior, including bloating, can occur during the first days of taking chlorella. These effects do not last.The majority of new consumers notice an increase in intestinal activity without experiencing any significant discomfort. But if intestinal activity increases too much or too quickly, decrease the daily dose of chlorella or, if necessary, stop taking chlorella for several days.

Although few people experience a slowing down of intestinal activity, if this is the case, quickly increase dosage (30-60 tablets or more) and drink more liquids, preferably water. Normal functioning will return in approximately 10 days.

Side effets : Headaches, Vomiting, Joint pain, Dizziness

Although they are rare, other side effects can occur after the first dose of chlorella. These may be due to the beginning of the detoxification process, which stirs up heavy metals that have accumulated in the body.

Side effects affect around 10% of people taking chlorella and vary in nature and intensity, depending on the level and type of pollutants in the body.

Some of the most common side effects include: headaches, sinus infections, joint pain, numbness, depressed mood, dizziness, and shaking.To remedy negative side effects, increase dosage in order to accelerate the rate at which chlorella eliminates toxins and leaves the body. Take up to 15-30 tablets four times a day until side effects subside (8-10 days). Slowly reduce dosage amount and frequency until reaching a normal daily dose.

In some cases, consumers that are sensitive to caffeine have also experienced restlessness when taking chlorella with coffee. To avoid this side effect, it is best not to take chlorella with caffeine or at night.

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