How to use alpha arbutin powder?
Dec 15, 2020

What is Alpha Arbutin?

Alpha arbutin is a normally happening compound that is fundamentally found in bearberry plants. It has a characteristic brightening quality that makes it ideal for creams and moisturizers in the event that you need to accomplish lighter skin or cover imperfections. While alpha arbutin is protected to blend into creams and salves in little portions, it should consistently be disintegrated in water first. Also, engineered arbutin can be risky since it might separate into cancer-causing synthetic compounds. Make certain to consistently purchase unadulterated alpha arbutin and never make a hand crafted moisturizer or powder that is over 2% alpha arbutin.

Arbutin is unstable and easily hydrolyzed under strong acidic or alkaline conditions. The aqueous solution of arbutin and low iron or high iron produced water-soluble light black complex. It can precipitate with basic lead acetate. Therefore, it is required that the conductivity of the water added in the formula should be less than 10, and guar gum should not be added in the formula with arbutin, otherwise its stability will be affected. The addition of VE, VC, coenzyme Q10 and lipoic acid in the formula has a stable effect. Adding an appropriate amount of sodium bisulfite to the formula can prevent the paste from discoloration.

Arbutin is dissolved in 4 times deionized water and added to emulsified cream when heated to 60 degrees Celsius. Of course, if it's pure water, you just add it.

Dissolving Alpha Arbutin

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    Dissolve alpha arbutin in water before adding it to other products. Pure alpha arbutin comes in powdered form. This powder must not be applied directly into a skin because it’s too potent and may cause a burning sensation. In addition, it cannot be mixed directly into a skin care product without being dissolved first. If it isn’t dissolved, the arbutin will just sit in the product like flaky chunks of powder and won’t spread evenly across your skin.[1]

    Warning: When buying alpha arbutin powder, make sure that you’re purchasing it from a reputable source. Synthetic alpha arbutin is dangerous, and may possibly be carcinogenic.

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    Use a digital scale to weigh your alpha arbutin. While it hasn’t been studied thoroughly, alpha arbutin‘s shelf life is roughly 12 months. If you plan on using it every day, use 20–25 grams (0.71–0.88 oz) or more. If you only plan on using alpha arbutin on occasion, use 10–15 grams (0.35–0.53 oz). Use a digital scale to weigh out your arbutin, or purchase a bottle containing the exact amount that you plan on using.[2]
    • The 2 main reasons to use alpha arbutin are for skin lightening and covering blemishes from skin discoloration. If you’re trying to lighten your skin, start off with a 2-month supply (around 25 grams (0.88 oz)) so that you can make adjustments to your skin lightening formula once you find what’s working for you.

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    Calculate the amount of purified water needed to create a 5:1 ratio. The easiest way to get purified water is to purchase it. Alternatively, you can use a commercial water filter or boil the water for 30 minutes. Avoid chemically purifying your water with iodine or bleach since it may modify the arbutin in an unexpected way.[3]
    • You need 5-parts water for every 1-part alpha arbutin. To determine how much you need, multiply the amount of arbutin by 5 and convert it to milliliters. For example, if you’re using 25 grams (0.88 oz) of arbutin, multiply it by 5 to get 125 grams (4.4 oz). This converts to 125 millilitres (0.53  c) of water.

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    Put the water in a pot and turn the stove to medium heat. Pour your purified water into a small, clean pot. Set your pot on a stove burner. Turn the heat on your burner to medium.[4]

    Warning: Many people mix other skin care products into the arbutin when it is dissolving. This is dangerous since you never known how heating another product with arbutin changes the chemical composition. Do not add anything else to your pot.

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    Add the powder to the pot and stir the mixture for 3-5 minutes. Use a clean spoon to gently mix the water and powder as it heats. Continue stirring gently for several minutes until you see the alpha arbutin powder completely dissolve into the water. Remove the pot from the stove once your powder has completely dissolved.[5]
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    Transfer the alpha arbutin mixture to an airtight container. Let the mixture cool for 5-10 minutes after dissolving the alpha arbutin. Grab a plastic or glass container with a closable lid. Set it on your counter and pour the alpha arbutin and water into the container.[6]
    • If you’re worried about making a mess, use a funnel to pour the mixture.

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    Store the mixture at room temperature for up to 12 months. Close the lid on the container and store it at room temperature. Keep the mixture out of direct sunlight and keep it away from other mixtures, creams, or lotions to avoid mixing them up.[7]

Adding the Dissolved Solution to Lotions and Creams

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    Choose a water-based cream or lotion to mix with the solution. Dissolved alpha arbutin is generally safe in any skin care product that is applied directly to the skin so long as it makes up less than 2% of the total composition of a face cream, and 0.5% of a body lotion. Choose a lotion or cream that you use regularly to combine with your dissolved alpha arbutin.[8]

    Tip: Alpha arbutin is often mixed with kjic acid, vitamin C, or niacinamide to create a homemade skin whitening cream. If you use one of these whitening agents, be sure to wear sunscreen whenever you go out.

    • You cannot mix arbutin into an oil-based cream or lotion since the oil and water won’t mix evenly.

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    Measure how much lotion or cream you’re going to use. Use a measuring cup to measure out how much skin care product you want to mix. Set a small measuring cup down and pour your skin product into the cup to measure it. Write this measurement down.[9]
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    Calculate how much dissolved arbutin you need to make a 2% or 0.5% mixture. For body lotions, add 0.5% of the product’s volume to the lotion. If you’re adding it to a facial cream, add 2%.[10]
    • Alpha arbutin can be quite strong on its own and cause a burning or stinging sensation if it takes up a high percentage of the lotion or cream.

    • For example, if you have 200 millilitres (0.85  c) of skin care lotion, add 1 mL (0.0042  c) of dissolved arbutin. If you have a facial cream, add 4 millilitres (0.017  c).

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    Fill a measuring cup with 0.5-2% of dissolved arbutin or use a dropper. If you’re using making a large amount, feel free to measure out the dissolved alpha arbutin using a standard measuring cup. If you’re only adding a few drops, it can be quite difficult to do this with a standard measuring cup. Use a dropper instead by soaking up a small amount of dissolved arbutin into the glass tube.[11]
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    Add the dissolved arbutin to make your mixture. If you’re using a measuring cup, pour the arbutin directly into the cream or lotion. If you’re using a dropper, apply the drops individually by adding them one at a time. A single drop from a dropper bottle is the equivalent of 0.05 mL (0.00021  c).[12]
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    Mix the cream or lotion with a spoon or mixing stick. Once you’ve added your dissolved arbutin, mix it into the cream or lotion. Use a small spoon or a wooden mixing stick. Stir gently for 30-45 seconds until you see the dissolved arbutin thoroughly mixed into the cream or lotion. Once done, store the cream or lotion in an airtight plastic container.[13]
    • Since arbutin is water soluble, it should mix quite easily into the lotion or cream.

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    Label your cream or lotion and store it in a dark area. Clearly mark the label of your lotion or cream to ensure that you know you’ve already mixed alpha arbutin into it. Store your cream or lotion at room temperature and keep it out of direct sunlight to ensure that it remains stable.

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