High quality Siberian Ginseng Extract Benefits
Jan 18, 2020

Siberian Ginseng Extract Introduction

Siberian Ginseng Extract has been developed from traditional Chinese formulas combined with modern scientific techniques using only the most select premiere Siberian Ginseng roots. This ultimate Siberian Ginseng Extract provides guaranteed satisfaction. It is considered to be an adaptogenic herb. The active compounds in Siberian Ginseng.

Russian studies have shown that people who regularly consume Siberian ginseng are 40% less likely to develop colds, flu and other infectious diseases than those who do not. Therefore, in order to improve health and adaptability to stress and changes, 20 million Russians eat Siberian ginseng every day. Siberian ginseng is also used to help travellers get jet lag and restore high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels to normal.

Siberian Ginseng VS korean Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng VS Korean Ginseng are both called ginseng, they are not from the same family. Siberian ginseng does not belong to the genus Ginseng, so it is not considered a "real" ginseng. Siberian ginseng contains a polysaccharide that lowers blood sugar levels, and its active ingredient is sagein. The active ingredients of Siberian ginseng, pentagin B, pentagin E, and isopretin have been shown to prevent Aβ (25-35) -induced axon and dendrite atrophy.

Siberian Ginseng Benefits

Siberian Ginseng  Extract is good for weight loss and has become one of the most popular additives in multivitamins, energy drinks, tea, chewing gum and snacks, claiming to provide a variety of benefits. But it's worth noting that most Americans don't know the difference between ginseng varieties. Supplements are in the form of liquid and solid extracts, powders, capsules, tablets and tea. Up to 25% of Siberian ginseng supplements sold in the United States are herbal-free and may cause side effects.

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