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Organic Moringa Powder

Organic Moringa Powder

Prodcut name: Organic Moringa Powder
Specification: 4:1 to 20:1
Appearance: Green powder
Mesh size: 80 Mesh
Used Part: Herb
Grade: Food&Pharmaceutical Grade
Brand Name: Undersun
Test Method: TLC
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
Packing :25kgs/drum or 1kg/bag;
Stock in LA USA warehouse;

What is Organic Moringa Powder?

Moringa (Moringaoleifera Lam.), native to India, is a perennial tropical deciduous tree of the Moringa family Moringa. It is widely planted in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Africa and introduced in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Fujian, Taiwan and other places in China. Cultivated. As a new resource food, organic moringa powder has the advantages of strong environmental adaptability, fast growth, rich and comprehensive nutrition, and multiple biological activities. It has a long history of application in Indian traditional medicine and has potential development prospects.

Studies have shown that Moringa oleifera leaves are rich in protein (the crude protein content of dry leaves is 27.0% to 30.3%). There are 19 kinds of amino acids in Moringa oleifera leaf extract, including glutamic acid, aspartic acid and threonine. The content of acid, valine and alanine is relatively high. At the same time, Moringa leaves are rich in a variety of minerals, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, glycosides and polyphenols, sterols, alkaloids and other small molecular active substances. Moringa leaves have antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, blood sugar lowering, blood pressure lowering, anti-tumor, liver protection, renal dysfunction, inhibition of DNA oxidative damage, regulation of intestinal microbes, anti-ulcers, etc. Biological activity.

Organic moringa powder has the effects of lowering blood sugar, antioxidant, repairing islet cells, etc., and has anti-diabetic effects. Recent studies have found that Moringa leaf extract has antibacterial effects. In vitro antibacterial method was used to study the antibacterial activity of Moringa oleifera leaf extract. In addition, the water extract and acetone extract of Moringa leaf have no antibacterial activity against fungi such as Candida albicans and Aspergillus flavus.

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Basic Information:


Organic Moringa Powder/Moringa Leaf P.E.

Botanical Source

Moringa Oleifera L.

English name: Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract

Origin: Leaf & Seed

Latin Name:  Moringa oleifera Lam

Appearance:   Green Fine powder

Active ingredients: Protein,vitamin A,vitamin B,vitamin Cand minerals

Specification: 5:1 10:1 20:1

Test method: TLC

Packing: 25kgs/drum(carton), 1kg/bag, double vacuum plastic packing (vacuum sealed foil bags) inside.

Shelf life: 24 months





Part Used



Fine Powder

Ash Content


Extract solvent

Ethanol Or Water

Drying Method

Spray Dying

Particle Size

NLT100%Through 80 mesh

Loss on Drying

≤ 5.0%

Bulk Density






Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold



Organic Moringa Powder benefits

Organic Moringa Powder Benefits:

Moringa has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. It also has antifungal, antiviral, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Moringa is believed to have many benefits and its uses range from health and beauty to helping prevent and cure diseases. The benefits of moringa include:

1. Protecting and nourishing skin and hair

Moringa seed oil is beneficial for protecting hair against free radicals and keeps it clean and healthy. Moringa also contains protein, which means it is helpful in protecting skin cells from damage. It also contains hydrating and detoxifying elements, which also boost the skin and hair.

It can be successful in curing skin infections and sores.

2. Treating edema

Edema is a painful condition where fluid builds up in specific tissues in the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of moringa may be effective in preventing edema from developing.

3. Protecting the liver

Moringa appears to protect the liver against damage caused by anti-tubercular drugs and can quicken its repair process.

4. Preventing and treating cancer

Organic moringa powder contain properties that might help prevent cancer developing. It also contains niazimicin, which is a compound that suppresses the development of cancer cells.

5. Treating stomach complaints

Moringa extracts might help treat some stomach disorders, such as constipation, gastritis, and ulcerative colitis. The antibiotic and antibacterial properties of moringa may help inhibit the growth of various pathogens, and its high vitamin B content helps with digestion.

6. Fighting against bacterial diseases

Due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties, moringa extracts might combat infections caused by Salmonella, Rhizopus, and E. coli.

7. Making bones healthier

Moringa also contains calcium and phosphorous, which help keep bones healthy and strong. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties moringa extract might help to treat conditions such as arthritis and may also heal damaged bones.

8. Treating mood disorders

Moringa is thought to be helpful in treating depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

9. Protecting the cardiovascular system

The powerful antioxidants found in Moringa extract might help prevent cardiac damage and has also been shown to maintain a healthy heart.

10. Helping wounds to heal

Extract of moringa has been shown to help wounds close as well as reduce the appearance of scars.

11. Treating diabetes

Moringa helps to reduce the amount of glucose in the blood, as well as sugar and protein in the urine. This improved the hemoglobin levels and overall protein content in those tested.

12. Treating asthma

Moringa may help reduce the severity of some asthma attacks and protect against bronchial constrictions. It has also been shown to assist with better lung function and breathing overall.

13. Protecting against kidney disorders

People may be less likely to develop stones in the kidneys, bladder or uterus if they ingest moringa extract. Moringa contains high levels of antioxidants that might aid toxicity levels in the kidneys.

14. Reducing high blood pressure

Moringa contains isothiocyanate and niaziminin, compounds that help to stop arteries from thickening, which can cause blood pressure to rise.

15. Improving eye health

Moringa contains eyesight-improving properties thanks to its high antioxidant levels. Moringa may stop the dilation of retinal vessels, prevent the thickening of capillary membranes, and inhibit retinal dysfunction.

16. Treating anemia and sickle cell disease

Moringa might help a person’s body absorb more iron, therefore increasing their red blood cell count. It is thought the plant extract is very helpful in treating and preventing anemia and sickle cell disease.


1.For health care:

Moringa leaf powder can be eaten directly. Regular consumption of Moringa leaves can enhance immunity, detoxification, body sculpting, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and greatly improve a variety of chronic and major diseases.

2.For food additive:

1)  Add milk and cook in the soup;

2)  Transfer the honey directly to the oral;

3)  Added to the soup as a seasoning;

4)  Direct oral administration, it is best to use the vegetable soup before the meal, avoid fasting; dosage: generally about 3 grams, the amount of constipation can be increased.

3.For medicine:

Moringa leaf powder can eliminate bad breath and help digestion

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