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Frankincense Extract

Frankincense Extract

Prodcut name: Frankincense Extract
Specification: 40%, 50%, 60%, 65% Boswellic Acid
Mesh size: 70-80 Mesh
Used Part: Seed
Grade: Healthcare products
Brand Name: Undersun
Test Method: TLC
Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
Packing :25kgs/drum or 1kg/bag;
Stock in LA USA warehouse;

What is Frankincense Extract?

Frankincense extract is extracted from resin from the Boswellia carteri tree, of the Burseraceae family and is also known as olibanum and gum thus. Boswellia serrata is Indian frankincense or Salai. It is found in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh in India. Its aroma is generally considered to be far inferior compared to Boswellia sacra or Boswellia frereana. In Ayurvedic medicine Indian frankincense

(Boswellia serrata) has been used for hundreds of years for treating arthritis. Extracts of Boswellia serrata have been clinically studied for osteoarthritis and joint function, particularly for osteoarthritis of the knee. A Boswellia extract marketed under the name Wokvel has undergone human efficacy, comparative, pharmacokinetic studies. Boswellia serrata is used in the manufacture of the supposed anti-wrinkle agent "Boswelox", which has been criticised as being ineffective.

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Basic Information:

Product NameFrankincense Extract
AppearanceWhite Powder
Active IngredientBoswellic Acid
Test MethodTitration
Mesh size80 Mesh
Loss On Drying≤5%
Heavy Metal≤10(ppm)
Shelf Life2 Years

Frankincense Extract benefits


Boswellia serrata and other species of boswellia are used in essential oils or burned as incense. The frankincense extract is also used in food, cosmetics, soaps, and beverages.

1. May Reduce Arthritis

Frankincense has anti-inflammatory effects that may help reduce joint inflammation caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.Researchers believe that frankincense can prevent the release of leukotrienes, which are compounds that can cause inflammation.

2.May Improve Gut Function

Frankincense may help reduce symptoms of Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis by reducing inflammation in your gut. However, more research is needed.

3.Improves Asthma

Frankincense may help reduce the likelihood of asthma attacks in susceptible people. It may also relieve asthma symptoms, such as shortness of breath and wheezing.

4.Maintains Oral Health

Frankincense extract or powder may help fight gum disease and maintain oral health. However, more studies are needed.

5.May Fight Certain Cancers

Compounds in frankincense may help kill cancer cells and prevent tumors from spreading. However, more human research is needed.


Beta-Boswellic acid is widely used in the medical field, which can effectively fight inflammation, immune regulation, anti-cancer, and treat chronic diseases such as asthma and arthritis.

1. As Food and beverage ingredients.

2. As Healthy Products ingredients.
3. As Nutrition Supplements ingredients.

4. As Pharmaceutical Industry & General Drugs ingredients.

5. As a health food and cosmetic ingredients

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