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Rehmannia Root Extract

Rehmannia Root Extract

Product Name:Rehmannia Root Extract
Latin Name: Radix Rehmanniae Preparata
Specification Ratio: 10:1 30%, 80% polysaccharide
Part Used: Root
Appearance: Brown powder
Test method: TLC/UV
Appearance: dark brown and slightly sweet
Sexual taste: Fresh and cold, sweet and bitter. Rehmannia glutinosa is cold and sweet. Rehmannia glutinosa is cold and sweet.
Active ingredients: Catalpol, Rehman-nin, mannitol, various sugars and amino acids, vitamin A-like substances, and the like.
Main application: preparation of pills and other preparations

What is Rehmannia Root Extract?

Rehmannia root extract is a plant. The roots of the plant are used to make medicine. Rehmannia is commonly found in herbal combinations used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Rehmannia chinensis root extract is used for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), "tired blood" (anemia), fever, weakened bones (osteoporosis), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and allergies.

Rehmanniae Radix is a perennial herb that belongs to the Scrophulariaceae family. It is the washed tuberous root of Rehmannia Glutinosa after removing the plyllorhiza and

fine root. It is very cold, non-toxic, sweet, and a little bitter. The medicine channels its way to the heart, liver, and kidneys. Therefore, it reduces body temperature and cools the blood. It is used to remove extravasated blood, increase body fluid, and slake one’s thirst. It is also used for breaking fevers, cardiac stimulation, detoxification, and hemostasis.

rehmannia chinensis root extract

Basic Information:


Rehmannia Root Extract

Botanical Source

Rehmannia glutinosa (Gaertn.) Libosch

Extract Ratio




Part Used



Fine Powder

Ash Content


Extract solvent

Ethanol Or Water

Drying Method

Spray Dying

Particle Size

NLT100%Through 80 mesh

Loss on Drying

≤ 5.0%

Bulk Density






Total Plate Count


Total Yeast & Mold


Rehmannia Root Benefits

Rehmannia Root Benefits:

The root and parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. Rehmannia is commonly found in herbal combinations used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Medicine. Rehmannia is used for diabetes, “tired blood” (anemia), fever, weakened bones (osteoporosis), and allergies; and as a general tonic.

1. Anti-Diabetes

A study published in 2018 took a look at the potential blood sugar lowering effects of Catalpol, which is a natural product isolated from the root of Rehmannia glutinosa. The in vivo and in vitro research using animal subjects induced with type 2 diabetes found that the rehmannia product was able to improve hepatic insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes.

2. Neuroprotective

Catalpol, an an iridoid glucoside isolated from the root of rehmannia chinensis root extract, is known to have a positive effect on neurodegeneration, which plays a major role in chronic health concerns like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Neurodegenerative disorders like these are marked by a loss of neurons within the brain and/or spinal cord.

3. Possible Osteoporosis Helper

In TCM, Rehmannia Root Extract's anti-osteoporotic effects are said to be the result of the herb’s ability to regulate kidney and liver function while boosting blood circulation. A scientific review published in 2017 includes the traditional Chinese medicinal uses, phytochemistry, pharmacokinetics and pharmacology of rehmannia in relation to osteoporosis, a disease that causes decreased density and quality of the bones. For this recent scientific review, over 300 research papers and reviews were analyzed.

4. Atopic Dermatitis Aid

In TCM, rehmannia is sometimes used to treat allergy-related problems. An animal study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology evaluated the effects of the herb on atopic dermatitis, an itchy inflammation of the skin. This skin condition can often be caused by an allergic reaction.

Appication of Rehmannia Root Extract

1) Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;
2) Functional food as capsules or pills;
3) Water-soluble beverages;
4) Health products as capsules or pills.

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