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Mystery In Organic Kin Care Products
May 23, 2019

Nowadays, everyone's awareness of natural and organic is gradually increasing. Not only do they want to eat organic food, but also the organic products used in their products. Be aware that 60% of the skin care products and cosmetics that we use on our skin every day will enter the body directly.

So what is organic skin care?

Organic Care Products: Natural organic Extract skin care products must be composed of organically certified organic plant extracts in addition to the botanical ingredients contained in them. No artificial ingredients such as artificial flavors, pigments and petrochemicals can be added to the skin.Undersun Biomedtech Corp is a professional food grade ingredient manufacturer. The products have passed the organic certification of the US Department of Agriculture and the organic certification of the European Union ECOCERT. Welcome new and old customers to inquire. Please feel free to contact us or send An email to [email protected]


Is organic skin care really reliable?

The skin care products we usually use are roughly classified according to the raw materials: chemical skin care products, natural skin care products and organic skin care products. Among them, organic skin care products refer to skin care products produced according to organic farming and processing methods, specifically skin care products that do not add any artificial flavors, pigments, preservatives and petrochemical products from raw materials to production processes.

What are the criteria for organic skin care products?

Organic skin care products can not add a variety of artificial chemical products, must also contain organic plant extracts, animal testing is not allowed in the manufacturing process, even the packaging of skin care products must be organically degradable, reducing the pollution to the earth lowest. Therefore, organic skin care products must be purely natural, but natural skin care products may not be able to reach an organic level, which requires certification by countries or professional institutions.


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