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High Purity Goji Berry Extract Powder | Warehouse In LA
May 17, 2019

Most natural ingredients come from plant extracts. Which plant extract is the most popular energy drink ingredient on the European and American markets?

Goji Berry Extract has become a popular health food in China, but Goji Berry Extract is a very popular new ingredient in Western countries. It has been used as a medicine to nourish liver and kidney. It also has immunomodulatory effects and promotes hematopoietic function. It also has anti-aging, anti-mutation, anti-tumor, blood lipid regulation, liver protection and fatty liver resistance, blood sugar regulation and regulation. blood pressure. As the functional beverage market expands further, Polysaccharide and more natural plant extracts will be used as ingredients in beverages, bringing new vibrancy to the plant extract industry.

Energy and beverages are booming in terms of consumption growth, market expansion and new product launches. The development of energy drinks stems from the health needs of consumers. Vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and other nutrients as well as preservative-free, natural, organic, low-sugar and other characteristics are the focus of consumers' choice of energy drinks.please contact us  at [email protected]


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