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Curcumin Akes The Syrup More Evenly Colored
May 28, 2019

A syrup is a viscous, high concentration sugar solution made by boiling or other techniques. The raw material for making the syrup may be syrup, sugar cane juice, fruit juice or other vegetable juice. Since the syrup has a very high sugar content, it can be stored for a relatively long period of time without being refrigerated in a sealed state. Syrup can be used to make a drink or make a sweet treat.


Some time ago, a Greek syrup owner contacted us to find Curcumin for syrup coloring. After further understanding by our account manager, I learned that the company is making a new product and took several turmerics in the market. Coloring, but not uneven coloring is the spicy taste of ginger, and the syrup is turbid. After standing for a long time, there will be small particles deposited on the net to see our official website. After reading our products and cases, we dialed. Our phone, our account manager, as usual, asks the other party's request and production process, let the other party send a color sample to us here, according to the color matching, the other party promised, the color sample sent by the other party after three days will be sent Going to the technical department, after the efforts of colleagues in the technical department, a targeted curcumin was sent to Greece one day later. After a week, the report was delivered: the sample was very successful, not only the color was perfect, the coloration was uniform, and there was no ginger. There was no turbidity in the spicy taste, and no small particles precipitated after standing for a while. After receiving the quotation from the other party, the other party felt very reasonable. When the order was made, the order was placed and it became our long-term cooperation partner.

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