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Ginger Yellow Pigment, Tailored To Your Color
May 28, 2019

Biscuits are a kind of common western-style snacks made from flour as the main raw material. As a kind of snack or adding diet, it is convenient and easy to carry. It has become an indispensable food in daily life.


A few days ago, the owner of a biscuit factory in Australia called us and asked us about the yellow pigment of the biscuit. After asking him about some of the craftsmanship, temperature and requirements, our account manager recommended him to Curcumin. And promise that if the sample is not satisfactory, Undersun Biomedtech Corp is willing to unconditionally match the products that best suit each other according to the customer's requirements. One day later, we sent the samples in the past, and the feedback from the other sample came. Our curcumin color did not reach the effect they wanted. After our client manager knew it, they asked the other party to send a color sample. We are here to match the color of the color samples. The client manager sent the color samples and sent them to the technical department. Two days later, the ginger pigment for the other party was sent to Australia for the second time. After one week, Australia sent a good news. Our curcumin not only reached their expectations in color, but also did not have the spicy taste of ginger like other ginger pigments on the market. After understanding our price, the other party did not hesitate to put 100 kg. The order, and signed a long-term cooperation contract with us, the customer also said that the need for pigmentation will be directly to us.

Undersun Biomedtech Corp is not the luck of customers in so many peers, but the quality of service, professional personnel, advanced technology! If you have troubles in these areas, it is better to come to us! Please feel free to contact us or send An email to [email protected]

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