May 26, 2020

What is instant black tea powder? Black tea powder can be made by grinding black tea at low temperature to make fine tea powder. The higher the degree of grinding, the better the taste and the more expensive the price. The instant black tea powder can also be physically extracted . Black tea powder maintains the original nutrients, aroma, color and taste of black tea very well, and its nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body. best black tea powder tastes fragrant and elegant, with fine powder and good solubility. In addition to direct drinking, it is widely used in food, health care products and cosmetics as a nutrient fortifier and natural pigment additive, resulting in a wide variety Tea products.

Is instant tea bad for you? Instant tea powder series products include: instant black tea powder, instant green tea powder, instant flower tea powder, instant oolong tea powder, etc. This series of products are solid powders that are made from raw materials of tea, have a uniform flow and a certain degree of fluidity, have no foreign impurities visible to the naked eye, and have a special aroma of tea. The product is hot melt (60℃ and above), and is a red-brown powder. Its soup is red and bright, clear, translucent, fresh and sweet, and sweet; instant tea nutrition facts is mainly used for ready-to-drink pure tea, solid milk tea and nutritional additives as solid food.

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How do you make instant tea powder at home? Instant black tea powder is divided into cold-soluble black tea powder and hot-melt black tea powder. The cold-soluble black tea is pink and clear without precipitation, and can be quickly dissolved in cold water. It is suitable for the preparation of iced black tea and other beverages and black tea beverages. Hot-melt black tea powder tastes mellow and rich in aroma, and can be used for ingredients such as milk tea, ice cream, and pastries.

Instant tea ingredients Tea polyphenols are one of the main ingredients in tea leaves, accounting for 12-24% of the tea leaves, and are composed of flavanols, hydroxyflavanols, ketones, flavonols, and anthocyanins, of which flavans Alcohols (catechins) account for 70-80% and are effective ingredients in tea polyphenols. instant tea manufacturing process, after extracting the active ingredients in the original tea, it is made into instant tea powder that dissolves quickly, is easy to use, clear and transparent, has no precipitation, and is not cold and turbid. To be retained. instant tea powder price, instant tea powder manufacturers

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