May 25, 2020

Dragon fruit is the perfect food popular in the 21st century, dragon fruit powder health benefits It is low in sugar and low in calories. It is suitable for diabetics or obese people. The fruit is rich in various vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and water-soluble dietary cellulose. The pectin contained in dragon fruit powder skin benefits is very helpful for skin moisturizing and regeneration. It is also a natural food that cools and anneals in the summer and whitens and healthy. dragon fruit powder wholesale, E-mail :

Pink pitaya powder contains more plant-based proteins, which can absorb heavy metal ions in the human body, thus avoiding the absorption of the intestine. Finally, it is discharged outside the body through the body's metabolism and plays a detoxification role. The stomach wall has a protective effect.

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Organic dragon fruit powder also contains a lot of vitamin C, which can not only beautify the face and skin, but also have the effect of losing weight. After absorbing water, the fiber in dragon fruit will rise to 10 to 15 times larger than the original. It can stay in the stomach for a longer time, so that people who lose weight will not feel hungry.

Dragon fruit powder uses dragon fruit fruit juice is sweet and delicious, in addition to fresh food, can also make wine, canned food, jam, etc. The flowers can be dried to make dishes, and the color can be refined into food coloring.

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