What is perilla oil?
Dec 28, 2020

Perilla Oil Definition:

Perilla oil comes from a tall plant that grows in parts of Asia including China, India, Japan, and Korea. It also grows in North America, where it’s known by a number of other names, including purple mint, Chinese basil, and wild coleus.

Perilla oil is commonly used in Korean cuisine, and it can also be used as a drying oil or fuel. Pressed from roasted seeds of the plant, the oil generally leaves behind a nutty taste.

More important than flavor, the oil has a very high omega-3 fatty acid content (more than 50 percent fatty acid) compared to most other plant oils.

The omega-3 content in perilla oil is alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which you can also find in flaxseed, with lower amounts in walnuts, soy, and animal-based sources like fish oil.

Perilla oil also contains the vital omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are beneficial to your health — especially for normal immune system functioning — and have been linked to improving memory-related conditions.

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What is perilla oil made from?

Perilla oil is the oil produced by cold-pressing seeds of the perilla plant. The leaves, also known as Japanese shiso, Chinese basil, and kkae-nip, can be eaten raw or cooked, and the byproduct (a.k.a. press cake) of oil-making is used as animal feed or fertilizer.

Perilla oil(Deulgireum) is an edible vegetable oil derived from perilla seeds. Having a distinct nutty aroma and taste, the oil pressed from the toasted perilla seeds is used as a flavor enhancer, condiment, and cooking oil in Korean cuisine. The oil pressed from untoasted perilla seeds is used for non-culinary purposes.

What is perilla oil good for?

Perilla seed oil is a great source of essential fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid and is also used in Asian cuisines. It is used to treat allergies, lower inflammaton in the body, chances of cancer, promote rheumatoid arthritis and promotes cardiovascular health by lowering the chances of cholesterol plaques, blood clots, stroke and heart attack. The oil is extracted by crushing or pressing seeds. The roasted seeds provides more intense flavor.

  1. It is used to soothe, moisturize and protect dry, mature, sensitive and cracked.

  2. It makes the skin look young and softer.

  3. It also nourishes scalp and hair by protecting it.

  4. It repairs premature skin.

  5. It makes the skin calmer, clearer and toned with refreshed look.

  6. It is used to soothe stomachache, treat asthma, coughs and relieve muscle spasms.

  7. It could be used as antiseptic for acne prone skin.

  8. It provides relief from itching and swelling of skin.

  9. It prevents the skin condition such as eczema and acne.

  10. It prevents the conditions such as memory problems and colon cancer.

  11. It improves memory and learning in children as well as adults.

  12. It provides relief from the conditions such as sunstroke and nausea.

  13. Due to its cleansing properties, it is used as a skin cleanser.

  14. It lowers the chances of clogged and oily skin.

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How to make perilla oil?

  1. Preheat the oil press for about 25 minutes in advance.

2. Pick up impurities from perilla seeds.

3. Pour into the oil funnel of the oil press, press the start switch of the oil press to start pressing,

4. The oil residue came out first, and the golden oil came out from the outlet below.

5. The freshly squeezed oil is turbid,

6. Put it into the container and let it stand for more than 8 hours. The best time is longer, the oil will be clear, and the color of perilla oil will be very yellow.

7. Let the oil stand for 1 day, put it in a glass bottle after standing still, it is best to put it in the refrigerator or a cool place away from light, and eat it as soon as possible.


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