Undersun curcumin is the perfect solution for uneven coloring of compressed candy
Oct 26, 2018

Tablet sugar, also known as powdered sugar or sugar, is often referred to as soda sugar. It is a mixture of refined sugar powder as the main body, adding filler materials such as milk powder and spices, and binders such as starch syrup, dextrin and gelatin, and granulating and tableting. It does not require heating and cooking, and is called a cold working process.


Recently, a Korean candy company contacted us in the network to find ginger pigment for tableting candy coloring. Our account manager learned from the other party that they had used other manufacturers' curcuminbefore, but they all appeared in color. Uneven phenomenon, after trying several manufacturers of ginger yellow pigments, we found us in the vast sea of people. Our customer manager asked some of the other craftsmanship and color requirements and then transferred them to colleagues in the technical department. One day later, We sent the samples out. After a week, the other party sent a good news: the samples were very successful, and our ginger pigments were used on their pressed candy and did not appear unevenly colored like other manufacturers' curcumin. After learning the price of our curcumin, the other party directly ordered 100 kg ofcurcumin for product production, and also took some other samples to return to the sample.

The Undersun professional technical team has solved the requirements put forward by batch after batch of manufacturers, making a large number of manufacturers become the long-term business partners of Undersun. Are you still waiting? Don't hesitate any more, you only need a little try, I believe that our Undersun team's professionalism and service will not let your little try come back!

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