Today's food: Curcumin liver or liver damage? Also talk about discovering new drugs from plants
Jul 30, 2018

 Curcumin is named for its name from the genus Curcuma. Like allicin, capsaicin, lycopene, carotene, ephedrine, cantharidin, penicillin, aflatoxin, etc., are named according to the most first discovered, or because of the higher content of biological sources.

 Curcumin is one of the earliest varieties in China's "Sanitary Standards for the Use of Food Additives". It is also a food additive approved by the World Health Organization and the US FDA and in many countries. It shows that curcumin is safer in the normal range of consumption.

 Curcumin is not only derived from turmeric, but also includes the same plant turmeric, the rhizome of the scorpion, and the rhizome of the genus Acorus calamus. Of course, the owner is turmeric.

In the list of items that can be used for health foods published by the Ministry of Health, there is turmeric.


 The rhizome of turmeric is very similar to the deep yellow ginger. However, it is different from the same family of ginger, one is Ningguofu and the other is Rongguofu.

Curry powder is a double-colored material with a turmeric powder-based seasoning.

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