Super whitening rookie: Tetrahydrocurcumin
May 15, 2019

When it comes to whitening ingredients, the first thing that everyone thinks of is the traditional whitening ingredients such as arbutin, kojic acid and vitamin C. Today, Xiaobian wants to unlock a whitening newbie for everyone: Tetrahydrocurcumin.


Tetrahydrocurcumin can effectively inhibit tyrosinase, slow down the production of melanin, and is more effective than whitening agents such as kojic acid, arbutin, and vitamin C. At the same time, the powerful antioxidant activity of tetrahydrocurcumin can also delay the formation of melanin, thereby brightening the skin and achieving a whitening effect. A foreign study randomized a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 50 subjects. The researchers found that in whitening formulations, 0.25% tetrahydrocurcumin cream was 4% hydroquinone (discoloration of skin disabled in cosmetics) The cream is more effective and safer.

2. Antioxidant

Free radicals on the surface of the skin are caused by UV rays, chemicals or other stressors that catalyze skin aging. Tetrahydrocurcumin scavenges free radicals and prevents the formation of free radicals. In addition, tetrahydrocurcumin can inhibit the proliferation of free radicals, inhibit the oxidation of fat, and can be added as a natural antioxidant to extend the shelf life of cosmetics.


3. Anti-inflammatory

Tetrahydrocurcumin has a broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, can repair skin inflammation and skin damage caused by UVB, and can more effectively relieve pain and swelling, and has a significant effect on the treatment of mild burns, skin inflammation and acne scars.

The anti-inflammatory action of tetrahydrocurcumin combined with high-efficiency antioxidant action makes it an effective ingredient in anti-aging and whitening cosmetics. Compared to yellow curcumin (also a turmeric root extract, tetrahydrocurcumin is one of its hydrogenated derivatives), the tetrahydrocurcumin produced by Undersun Biomedtech Corp. is a white powder, which is more suitable for formulation into cosmetics.Email to [email protected]

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