Organic Vegetable Standing Pharmacy Rotenone
Aug 07, 2018

 One/First, the application in vegetable production

 Rotenone is a highly specific substance in toxicology, and has strong contact and stomach toxicity effects on insects, especially cabbage butterfly larvae, diamondback moth and aphids. It is mainly used to control aphids, locusts, yellow stalks, twenty-eight-spot ladybugs, yellow-striped beetles, cabbage caterpillars, mites, scale insects, carrot microtubules, willows, scorpionfish, scutellaria Horses, yellow-breasted horses, colored horses, and Indian naked horses.

(1) Prevention and control of pests such as melons, solanaceous and leafy aphids, cabbage caterpillars, melon flies, cabbage blue moth, Spodoptera litura, thrips, yellow-striped fleas, yellow-shoulders, and twenty-seven ladybugs In the initial stage of the damage, use a solution of 2.5% rotenone emulsifiable concentrate 400-500 times, or 7.5% rotenone emulsifiable concentrate 1500 times solution, 5% rotenone soluble solution 400-600 times solution, and spray evenly. For pests that jump or fly well, apply the medicine in the early morning and evening when the temperature is low and the pests are not active, and spray it on the surface of the insects as much as possible. Alternate use of other pesticides of the same effect is beneficial to the drug.

(2) Prevention and treatment of carrot microtubules, willows, and other two, can be sprayed with 2.5% rotenone EC 600-800 times.

(3) When controlling pests with strong resistance such as vegetable mites (such as red spider), it can be sprayed with 5% rotenone soluble liquid 600 times solution, mainly sprayed on the back of the leaves, taking into account the positive side, and spraying best in the morning and evening.

(4) When controlling pests such as whitefly, whitefly, and leaf miner, spray with 5% rotenone soluble solution 600 times, and spray the front and back of the leaves. When controlling the whitefly and whitefly in greenhouses and greenhouses, it is the best time to apply the pesticides before the grass curtains are opened in the morning.

(5) When controlling the edible fungus (smoke worm) and the fungus pseudo-walking insect, the spray can be diluted with 500% to 800 times with 4% rotenone powder.

(6) Take 1 kg of fish vine powder and neutral soap, add 300-500 liters of water, first slice the soap, dissolve it into soapy liquid with a small amount of hot water, put the fish vine powder in the bag, slow in cold soapy liquid. Slowly add 200-300 liters of water to prevent all kinds of mites and chewing mouthparts.


Second, matters needing attention

(1) Rotenone will accelerate the degradation when it encounters alkaline substances, and it will lose its efficacy, so it should not be mixed with alkaline substances.

(2) The current distribution should be used to avoid the decomposition of the aqueous solution.

(3) Avoid storage under high temperature and light. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

(4) The residual time on the crop is short, the environment is not polluted, and the natural enemies of the pest are safe, but the fish is extremely sensitive to the agent, and should not be used on aquatic crops, and the fish ponds and rivers should not be polluted.

(5) The general crop safety interval is 5-7 days.

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