Extract VS Powder
Aug 06, 2019

In a century where being fit is a fad, it is important to keep up with the right fitness standards. What exercise to do? How to do? What areas to focus? To use or not to use supplements? If yes then what supplements to use? All these are the core questions that you often ask your trainer while planning a fitness routine.

At times, sessions of hard training are not just enough to get those lean muscles or ripped body you dreamt of before starting the routine. In such a case some add-on is needed in form of supplements. A few years back when steroid based supplements were all over the market, use of same became unethical. The antidope legislation looking upon the side effects and consequences of their usage announced the manufacturing and use of any such steroid based supplement as illegal.

The announcement gave a boom to the nutraceutical industry with the advent of herb-based supplements. These supplements are a gift of nature made up of herbs and their extract. Some supplements are made up of Pure extracts while others are made up of powder. Now the question arises which one is better, Extract or Powder?

extract vs powder

This article will give you insight on the topic extract vs powder.

Firstly you need to understand what is an extract and what is a powder and what is the difference between the two. Extract based supplements are those in which a key compound is extracted from the plant and used either as a powder or a liquid in the supplement. Whereas on the contrary powdered supplements are those supplements in which the whole plant is dried up and made into a powder for use.

So the question that arises is, which one to use extract or powder? The answer to this question is simple, it is better to use an extract based supplement because it consists of a large quantity of the key compound required to give a better result in comparison to the powdered supplements. The benefits to be derived from herbal supplements vary greatly with the part or parts of the herb, how it is refined and concentrated, and even what other substances are formulated with it. The variations in biological value come not only from differences in concentration but from how well the particular formulation is assimilated. Many powdered supplements are not assimilated well in their basic form. Extract based supplements retain the chemical complexity typical of the natural plant but offer the added advantage of guaranteed levels of certain key constituents.

At Undersun we understand the importance of health and have come up with high-quality nutraceutical supplements for daily use without any side effects. We believe in integrating the modern scientific techniques into ancient Ayurvedic herbal armamentarium into supplements for a positive result. We provide a wide range of extract based supplements for weight management, sports nutrition and, health and wellness. Our products are multi ingredients as well as single ingredients such as turmeric, aloe vera, moringa, ashwagandha, green tea, garcinia, green coffee and much more that are extract based.

Plant powder vs extract vs standardized plant extract(is extract better than powder)

Plant powder

Plant powder is made of the whole plant or some of its parts dried and increasing value of herbal product with processing and standardizationground. It contains beneficial elements but also a considerable portion of inactive compounds.

Plant extract

Plant extracts are concentrates of bioactives phytochemicals obtained through modern extraction technologies. the purpose of the extraction is to obtain the highest quantity of desired active ingredients from plants. With the help of solvents, soluble plant metabolites are separated from the insoluble cellular marc. Products can be in liquid, semisolid state or dry powder form after removing the solvent.

Standardized plant extract

Standardization involves chemical identification for active constituents or marker compounds. Standardized extracts contain consistent levels of specified compounds and they are subjected to rigorous quality controls during all phases of the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing processes.

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Related to ashwagandha extract vs powder

The invention belongs to the field of extraction technology and food technology, and in particular to a tea substitute plant (a plant extract manufacturer with a good taste) and a preparation method thereof, and a food and a beverage thereof , the application of health products.

Background technique:

Moringa oleifera is a perennial of the Moringa Adans of the Moringaceae family. It is native to the arid or semi-arid regions of the tropical South Asian subtropics and is a dual-use plant. Moringa has a therapeutic effect on health care, and is widely used in medical and health care. It is known as the “tree of life” and “the diamond in plants”. Its young leaves, tender pods, seeds, flowers and leaves can be eaten, made into vegetables and seasonings. Studies have shown that Moringa oleifera water extract has activities such as lowering blood sugar, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and regulating immunity. At present, Moringa leaf products mainly include Moringa lozenges, Moringa chewable tablets, Moringa health tea, etc., but these Moringa products are poorly accepted in taste, and the water solubility and clarity of the related Moringa leaf extracts are relatively poor. difference.

Moringa Leaf Powder-1

Technical realization elements:

The object of the present invention is to provide a method for extracting Moringa oleifera leaf extract with better mouthfeel, and the Moringa leaf extract obtained by the method has the characteristic taste of Moringa leaf, has a sweet taste, and has a taste similar to tea. Solve the problem that the current Moringa related products have poor taste.

In order to achieve the above object of the present invention, the present invention provides the following technical solutions:

The invention relates to a water-soluble extract of Moringa oleifera L. which is obtained by the following method: extracting Moringa leaves by heating and refluxing with distilled water, the ratio of material to liquid is 1:20, the extraction time is 30 min, the number of extractions is It is 3 times.

Example 1:

Extraction process: weighing plant material → reflux extraction → filtration → combining filtrate → concentration under reduced pressure → freeze drying → calculation yield → sensory evaluation → water solubility evaluation → selecting the optimal process for 3 repeated experiments.

Sensory evaluation method: After the extract is accurately weighed, it is configured to a certain concentration to be tested, and the sensory evaluation group composed of professional screening is used to evaluate the taste activity of the sample, and each sample is repeated 3 times.

Moringa Powder for Sale-1

Example 2:

Moringa Leaf Extract Drink:

Formula: Moringa leaf extract 0.25%, white sugar 2%, honey 0.8%, citric acid 0.005%, edible pure water. Precisely weigh the Moringa leaf extract, white sugar, honey, citric acid dissolved in edible pure water, filling and sterilizing, that is, the natural Moringa leaf extract beverage.

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