Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits
Oct 12, 2021

Kiwis are high in Vitamin C and dietary fiber and provide a variety of health benefits. This tart fruit can support heart health, digestive health, and immunity. The kiwi is a healthy choice of fruit and is rich with vitamins and antioxidants. Its tart flavor, pleasing texture, and low calorie count make it a delicious and healthy option for snacking, sides, or a unique dessert.

Kiwi Health Benefits

Kiwi Health Benefits

The vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants can provide essential health benefits. The flesh is rich with vitamins that stimulate immunity and reduce the risk of disease.

The soluble dietary fiber found in kiwis can help stimulate regular and healthy digestion. Kiwis can provide other health benefits like:


Kiwi contains abundant amounts of Vitamin C, which stimulates the body’s immune response. In fact, the kiwifruit contains roughly 230% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C. This bold fruit provides a burst of immune-boosting nutrients in every bite.

Kiwis are also rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals within the body and reduce oxidative stress. Ultimately, this may protect the body from inflammation and disease.

Heart Health

The kiwifruit possesses properties that lower blood pressure. By helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure and providing a boost of Vitamin C, the kiwifruit can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits for diabetes

You could include kiwi in your diet. Many researchers have proved that eating kiwis could actually help you in lowering your blood sugar levels. This fruit is one of the best fruits for people suffering from diabetes. It not only controls your blood sugar level but also helps in controlling diabetes.

Kiwi Fruit Skin Health Benefits

And even though kiwi contains many nutrients with potential skin health benefits, no research supports the idea that eating large amounts of kiwi alone will translate to healthier skin.

Rather, eating a diet that includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, and fish might be a better, more realistic, and more enjoyable approach to improving your skin health through food.

Kiwi fruit benefits for eyes

Kiwi fruit benefits for eyes

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss, and kiwis might help protect your eyes from it. One study found that by eating three servings of fruit a day, macular degeneration was decreased by 36 percent. Kiwis’ high levels of zeaxanthin and lutein are thought to contribute to this effect.

This refreshing fruit is packed with nutrients like vitamins C and K, fibre, folate, and potassium. Kiwis are high in antioxidants and boast of many health benefits. They are also very low in calories and energy density, making them a perfect addition to a weight loss diet.

Kiwis are an excellent source of fibre that can fill you up without a lot of calories - it is said that a single kiwi fruit contains just 54 calories. One kiwifruit has 2.1 grams of fiber - or 8 per cent of the daily value - and just 0.4 gram of fat. This fibre-rich fruit can be easily added to a low-fat diet and aid weight loss.

kiwi fruit benefits for kidney

Many tropical fruits like oranges, bananas, and kiwis are very high in potassium. Fortunately, pineapple makes a sweet, low potassium alternative for those with kidneys problems. Plus, pineapple is rich in fiber, manganese, vitamin C, and bromelain, an enzyme that helps reduce inflammation.

kiwi fruit benefits for weight gain

By filling up on high-fibre fruits and vegetables like kiwifruit powder, you can help minimise weight gain while getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy. This is because fruits and vegetables have high water and fibre content, thereby reducing their energy density.

How many kiwi fruit should I eat a day?

Eating one to three kiwis a day is enough for most people to get the boost of nutrients from the fruit.

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What happens if you eat kiwi everyday?

1 – Kiwi fruit boosts the immune system

While winter is already well established, boosting your immune system is definitely THE solution to keep germs away and stay in good shape. As you probably know, there is nothing better than a balanced plate full of fresh fruits and vegetables to defend your body. That’s why kiwi fruit is your main ally! Kiwi is undoubtedly a fruit full of energy. Rich in vitamin C (see below), it is also a great source of iron and vitamins B9, perfect to fight against exhaustion.

2- Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C

Did you know that kiwis contain more vitamin C than oranges*? One single fruit covers 100% of your daily needs in vitamin C. Ideal to start off the day right, this is an easy way to gain more energy and vitality every morning! Vitamin C helps the functioning of the immune system, but is also beneficial for bones and ligaments, it facilitates wound healing process, not to mention its antioxidant properties. A great fruit whether you are young or old!

* 1 kiwi = 93mg of vitamin C

1 orange = 53.2 mg of vitamin C

3- Kiwi fruit helps to keep in good shape

Low in calories*, kiwi fruit is definitely your best friend if you want to stay fit! The many minerals and vitamins it contains also make it possible to overcome some deficiencies. Low in fat, it contains fructose, a sugar naturally present in the fruit. With a high satiating power, it’s supposed to be 10 times more nutritious than an apple. So whenever you want, just have a kiwi break! For once you won’t fill guilty eating something sweet. ☺

* One kiwi fruit contains about 60 calories per 100 grams.

4- Kiwi fruit promotes intestinal transit

Great to get more fibers*, the kiwi contains actinidin, a natural enzyme that helps the digestion of some proteins. If you add some kiwi fruits in your balanced diet, if you drink enough water throughout the day and if you practice a regular activity, your small digestion problems will disappear…

* One kiwi contains about 3 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams.

5- Kiwi fruit has many health benefits

Eating a kiwi fruit is for sure a healthy habit in your everyday life. High in antioxidants, a daily consumption would prevent the appearance of certain cancers and limit the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Some scientific studies have shown that the oxidation of DNA is responsible for certain type of cancers. Thanks to its antioxidants, the kiwi fruit would prevent the oxidation of the cells. Another reason to adopt it…

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What is the best time to eat kiwi fruit?

1, ten o'clock in the morning

kiwifruit is suitable for eating around ten o'clock in the morning, because ten o'clock in the morning is between two meals. At this time, it is not completely fasted, and there is no feeling of fullness in the stomach. Eating kiwi fruit can replenish energy and obtain a variety of nutrients in it, which has a promoting effect on human health. Therefore, if you want to get a variety of nutrients in it, and at the same time speed up the body's absorption rate, you might as well eat kiwifruit at around ten o'clock in the morning.

2, three o'clock in the afternoon

kiwi fruit is suitable for eating around three o'clock in the afternoon, especially after taking a nap and feeling that the body has not fully adapted to it. Proper eating of kiwi fruit can also refresh your mind, and the various nutrients in it can also provide energy, so that your mental state can be maintained throughout the afternoon. It is also the right way to eat kiwi between meals.

Should kiwi be eaten before or after meals? 3 times to eat, or good for the body


kiwi fruit during supper can choose to eat during supper. Many people often work overtime and stay up late. At this time, the water and calories in the body are consumed, and they will feel tired. However, the intake of other high-calorie foods is likely to increase the burden on the stomach and may also cause obesity.

Kiwi has a lot of water, low calories, and has a strong feeling of fullness. If you eat kiwi properly during supper, you can get the nutrients in it, improve hunger, and also reap benefits. As a fruit with high nutritional value, kiwi fruit needs to be eaten at the right time to obtain nutrition and reap the benefits it brings.

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