juice drinks using powder turmeric
Jul 22, 2019

Very few kinds of raw materials can guarantee "coherent in the West", suffering from different races and different countries. Turmeric belongs to such a "minority." Indeed, from India to Japan to the United States, this strong turmeric wind will cross China. In addition to curry sauce, turmeric is also used in beverages.

In India, turmeric is not only used to make curry, but also mixed with hot milk to treat coughs and colds. Locals believe that turmeric is also effective for cancer and depression. The "prescription" used by Indians to treat small colds has a "new version" in European and American countries. From London to New York, the "turmeric latte" made from dried fruit milk and ginger root juice has been burning. Even a little pure British people began to like this healthy drink.

Also representative is the easy-to-drink orange-flavored turmeric drink from MELODIAN, each containing a high concentration of turmeric extract and ornithine (a type of amino acid), oyster extract and onion extract. Suitable for people who drink more. It also contains 20% mixed juice to reduce the unique taste of turmeric. A newly established company in the UK recently released a series of turmeric water sports drinks. The sports drink called Tu Me combines turmeric with vitamins, antioxidants and electrolyte solutions. I heard that it basically contains kinetic energy. It has a taste of citrus, fruit and green awn.

According to a 2018 food trend report published by Google's search, the search for turmeric root powder has surged by 300% in the past five years.

Curcumin is a food additive approved by the Codex Alimentarius Commission of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO/WHO-1995) and is one of the earliest published and approved natural pigments for foods in China's Sanitation Standard for the Use of Food Additives (GB2760-1981). At the same time, turmeric is the main drug of the clinical drug turmeric Qingzhi tablets and Siwei turmeric soup powder announced by the State Food and Drug Administration. It is also an effective ingredient in nationally recognized health foods.

Although turmeric drinks have flourished in foreign countries, domestic related products are still in the ascendant. An important reason is that this ingredient of turmeric usually deposits at the bottom of the package, forming an orange-yellow deposit that is difficult to attract consumers. This characteristic of turmeric limits its use in clarified beverages, but in plant beverages or milk beverages, this "micro-small" can be well covered; while clarified beverages added with turmeric abroad are also used for photosensitivity and precipitation. Factor and choose two-piece cans or brown oral liquid glass bottles. It is reported that there are also turmeric suppliers in foreign countries that have developed products that can be adapted to transparent beverage packaging. In short, compared to the various benefits of turmeric, some problems in the processing can be circumvented by other methods.

Market research has included turmeric root powder in a list of superfoods that can boost human immunity in 2019. This raw material can be used to make functional foods and beverages, such as sports drinks, to help the body recover from physical exercise, and also as a nutritional supplement for the elderly population. Many successful cases abroad have confirmed the market potential of turmeric beverages, and I believe that the Chinese market will not be silent for too long. Maybe the turmeric drink will be seen at the next year's liqueur.


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