How to make moringa powder?
Dec 21, 2020


Moringa leaf powder. The Moringa tree is often referred to as a miracle tree because the leaves are packed with so many nutrients, antioxidants and they are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. The Moringa tree or drumstick tree grows all over India in abundance. It is a tall tree but you can also grow it in containers on your balcony. The fruit of the tree is used to make sabzi, curries, and stir-fries and they are very healthy and taste great.

The leaves of the Moringa tree are edible and are used in cooking from olden times but have become popular in the last few years as a superfood. Personally I was not aware of these leaves until I saw them in a supermarket here in Dubai and then a Keralite friend told me about it and since then moringa leaves have become a regular in my grocery shopping list.

If you’re not familiar with moringa, it’s referred to as the “miracle tree” because of its wide range of nutritional, medicinal, and purifying properties. It’s also called a “superfood” because of its awesome potential to improve health and eliminate hunger around the world.women in Cambodia harvesting moringa It has high amounts of protein, and is significant source of vitamins and minerals. The leaves of the moringa tree contain 18 amino acids, 8 of which are essential amino acids, making them a “complete” protein. This is a rare find in the plant world.(But not in the steak world!) In addition, it’s full of phyto-nutrients and disease fighting antioxidants.

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Health Benefits Of Moringa Leaves:

1.Moringa leaves can treat Cancer and are also good for liver health.

2.The calcium and phosphorus and the anti-inflammatory properties present in Moringa leaves help to make bones stronger and help arthritis patients.

3.The antioxidants present in moringa leaves are heart-friendly and thus help us to maintain a healthy lipid and cholesterol profile and prevent cardiac damage.

4.Moringa has also shown to help decrease the stress hormone that causes erectile and sexual dysfunction in men. The vitamins in moringa are essential for sexual arousal and, therefore, some men find that it can be used alongside medication such as viagra to boost their sexual health.

5.Moringa leaves powder is good for diabetic patients as it helps to reduce the amount of glucose in the blood.

6.It also prevent arteries from thickening thus reducing high blood pressure.

7.Moringa also helps to improve eyesight by stopping the dilation of retinal vessels.

8.Treats Anemia – It helps the body to absorb more Iron thus the red blood count increases.

9.Helps in treating mood disorders, anxiety and fatigue.

10.Due to its antibacterial and anti fungal properties it helps in digestion, treats constipation and gastric problems.

11.Moringa leaves juice acts as an antiseptic on skin problems and is good for wound healing.

12.Good for lactating mothers as it helps to increase milk production.

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How to Make Moringa Powder from seeds?

Though fresh moringa leaves are easily available in the market its a good idea to make a powder of moringa leaves and use it whenever required. Making powder from Moringa leaves is very easy. Get fresh tender leaves, pluck the leaves and discard the stems and stalks and then wash them thoroughly 2-3 times with enough water and then spread on a kitchen napkin to absorb the extra moisture. Now spread in a colander /sieve or on a napkin and sundry in a covered area (don’t put in direct sunlight as it will affect the bight green color of the leaves). You can also dry it under the fan if you don’t have the option to dry it in sunlight.

The leaves will dry in 1-2 days. When the leaves become crisp then gently crush them and discard the stems and stalk if any remain and then powder the leaves in your mixer and store it in an airtight container. It stays fresh for 6 months at room temperature. After 6 months it may lose some potency but is still edible. You can also refrigerate it if you are making it in bulk. The taste may be slightly bitter so use it in little quantities at a time.

How to Make Moringa Powder Tea?

5 ways to include Moringa powder in your diet:

Green Smoothies: A mix of yogurt, soaked oats, ginger, flaxseed, moringa powder and frozen kiwi fruit slices will give you a super healthy breakfast in a glass.

Soup: Spinach and lentil soup is one of my favourites. Adding a teaspoonful of Moringa powder to the soup in the final simmer stage, adds an extra boost of antioxidant goodness to your soup.

Savoury / sweet dishes: Adding the powder to adai / dosa / idli, mixing it up into paratha stuffing are all ways to include a bit of the superfood in your day to day cooking.

Kozhambu: Since drumstick leaves or murunga elai are anyway used in traditional tambrahm dishes like kozhambu, adding a spoonful of the powder in the final stages, whisking well, is a great idea.

Tea: The simplest way to ingest the powder is in tea form


Bring a cup of water to a boil

Place 1 tsp of Pure and Sure Organic Moringa Powder in a glass

Pour the boiling water

Add a teaspoon of honey

Stir well and allow to brew for 5 minutes, covered

Stir well and drink it as your morning tea

Initially you may find it a little difficult to get used to the slightly metallic taste and the powdery nature of the tea, but soon you’ll be gulping it down like a pro!

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