How much inulin per day?
Mar 18, 2021

How much inulin powder per day?

When we were eating far more vegetables and gnawing at roots — it’s estimated that our ancestors consumed about 135 grams of inulin a day. I wouldn’t recommend aiming for those levels, given what our digestive levels are now accustomed. But we can realistically reach much lower levels that promote health benefits.

Based on research, aim for 5 grams of inulin a day to boost the growth of the probiotic Bifidobacteria in your gut. For better calcium absorption, you want to get 8 grams or more. Getting 12 grams of inulin and FOS a day has been shown to help promote regular bowel movements.


How much inulin per day for weight loss?



For constipation: 12-40 grams per day for up to 4 weeks.

For diabetes: 10 grams per day for 8 weeks. Drinking 30 grams of inulin-containing milk powder dissolved in water before breakfast and 15 grams dissolved in water before dinner has been used for 12 weeks.

For high levels of fats called triglycerides in the blood (hypertriglyceridemia): The usual dose of inulin is about 14 grams daily.

For obesity: 10-30 grams per day for 6-8 weeks.



For constipation: 4 grams per day for 6 weeks.

How much inulin per day for constipation?

For many people, inulin may also help relieve symptoms of constipation. One analysis found that people taking inulin experienced more frequent bowel movements and improved stool consistency. In another 4-week study, older adults who consumed 15 g of inulin per day reported less constipation and better digestion.

Does inulin help lose weight

Does inulin help lose weight?

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight has also probably wished for a magic pill or potion to help those pounds melt away without much (or any) effort. Although that sadly doesn’t exist, a new study is claiming that a simple supplement can help you shed pounds without changing your diet.

The research comes from the latest issue of Metabolism journal. The authors observed a group of overweight women, half of whom were given a placebo while the others took an inulin-propionate ester supplement over a span of four weeks. Those who took the actual supplement were shown to have “significantly enhanced” their body’s ability to burn fat. The ones taking a placebo showed little to no change. Both groups also participated in moderate intensity exercise programs, but didn’t change anything about their eating habits.

So, what even is inulin-propionate ester? It’s a short-chain fatty acid that acts as a “natural and effective” appetite suppressor. You can find it as a supplement in capsules like Supplements, Inulin Pure Powder or loose powder like Undersun Ingredients Organic Daily Dietary Fiber Supplement Powder.

Usually when people start working out more in order to lose weight, they also find themselves hungrier more often. This can lead to giving into cravings and counteracting all of the hard work they’ve put in at the gym. This supplement seems to combat that by not only helping you feel fuller, even after working out, but by curbing the temptation to give into less healthy treats.

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